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    Lytx Named an Overall Video Telematics Solution Leader by ABI Research

    Lytx ABI Research Ranking

    ABI Research has ranked Lytx® an overall leader among commercial video telematics solutions in its 2023 Competitive Ranking report. Citing the company’s innovation and implementation superiority, the ranking places Lytx atop a list of well-known commercial video telematics solutions. Lytx was also noted for its proven success, market leadership, and focus on driver safety. Access the eBook version here.

    With this report, ABI Research provides an unbiased examination of video telematics solution providers, delivering trends and insights based on a variety of criteria. According to Adhish Luitel, Senior Analyst, Supply Chain Management and Logistics for ABI Research, “The implementation and innovation criteria are identified as vital for the continual growth and market acceptance of video telematics solutions among commercial fleets.”

    Rated highest in innovation

    Lytx was ranked highest in innovation, with ABI reporting the company’s work in solution options, driver behavior monitoring, use cases, cameras and sensors, advanced reporting, and cloud/convergence capabilities. Additional innovative features cited were the solution’s Device Health dashboard, which elevates visibility of device functionality and scheduled maintenance, frequent system updates that make it easy to add or update cameras, and, for resellers, reusable UI components that help technology partners reduce time to market and accelerate digital transformation.
    ABI’s Luitel observed that the video telematics marketplace of today is seeing a surge in innovations to help capture an expanding range of risk, as well as implement dimensions of safety and driver participation. “Vendors like Lytx have addressed this by combining gateway products with data-powered applications,” Luitel said. “These solutions help equip fleet managers with tactical dashboards, allowing advanced reporting in real time. Using Lytx’s solutions, fleet managers can start deriving insights immediately.”

    Luitel went on to note that Lytx’s area of strength and its differentiator is its proven success and focus on driver safety. “Demonstrating an ability to digitalize a wide range of driver behavior, as well as implement dimensions of safety and driver participation, have resulted in Lytx securing first place for innovation,” he said.

    Implementation superiority

    Lytx also earned a top implementation score, with Luitel citing the company’s strong organizational health, ecosystem partnerships, and product portfolios. “As the global market leader in subscriptions, Lytx protects and connects more than 5,000 fleets, occupying a majority of the North American video telematics market for large fleets,” he said. “The Lytx customer base extends beyond enterprise and mid-market segments to various industries such as trucking, distribution, field services, transit, waste, construction, and the public sector.”

    Industry leadership

    To be named as a “Leader” in the ABI report, a commercial video telematics solution provider must score 75 or above (using ABI’s root mean square methodology) for its overall ranking. Providers ranking between 60 and 75 are deemed “Mainstream,” and those scoring 60 or below are deemed “Followers.”

    Lytx was one of only two industry providers to earn the Leader award alongside Geotab, a global reseller partner that offers Lytx video telematics via Lytx’s Surfsight® solution. Leveraging a combined 45+ years of industry experience and understanding the growing global demand for best-in-class solutions, both Lytx and Geotab are well positioned to provide partner technologies and systems that will meet customer needs worldwide.

    25 years of innovation

    Lytx’s passion to improve driver and road safety fuels their innovative video telematics solutions. For more than 25 years, Lytx has equipped vehicles with best-in-class tools to help transform fleet safety, including cloud-connected dash cams, sensors, and services that provide insight into risk, coaching that changes driver behavior, and video evidence when it’s needed most. Lytx management solutions combine GPS fleet tracking software and industry-leading video to help efficiently manage and monitor assets in the field, while also meeting customer demand for fast, accurate, and seamless service. With more than 2.1 million drivers protected worldwide and over 221 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data fueling its Lytx Vision™ Platform, the company will continue providing cutting-edge solutions while reinforcing its position as an industry leader for the next 25 years and beyond.