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    Parked Feature Released to Address Rising Safety Risk for Truck Drivers

    semi truck in a parking lot

    The issue of truck parking continues to be a growing concern and is now gaining national attention as federal leaders are acknowledging the increased need for more safe truck parking options. Risky parking on the shoulders of interstates/highways or on/off ramps can not only increase the chances of collisions, it can also lead to disabling injuries, nuclear verdicts, and increased insurance costs.

    According to the 19th annual "Top Industry Issues" report released in October 2023 by The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the lack of available truck parking ranked second out of the top ten issues in trucking, which is up from its third rank in 2022. Additionally, for the fourth year in a row, the issue of safe and available truck parking ranked as a top concern for commercial drivers.


    Parked Feature

    Lytx’s Parked-Highway/Ramp feature, a new addition to Lytx’s Safety Suite powered by the Lytx Vision Platform, can help fleet managers address this risk by giving them the ability to identify and communicate safe parking options to their drivers.

    For more details on how Lytx’s new Parked feature works, hear from Lytx’s senior directors of product management, Dan Lambert and Kristin Costas:

    The newly-released Parked feature is triggered when the Lytx DriveCam® event recorder identifies when a vehicle has stopped for more than 10 minutes on the side of a highway or an off-ramp. Fleet managers can be notified when this occurs, allowing them to assess the situation and determine whether the vehicle is parked in a safe area or is simply stopped in traffic. Managers can then request that the driver move the vehicle to a nearby safe parking location.

    The Parked feature not only better protects drivers, it can also offer:

    • Better knowledge of exactly where vehicles are stopped
    • Decreased collisions involving a parked commercial vehicle
    • Reduced claim costs from collisions and driver exoneration
    • Route-planning assistance
    • HOR and DVIR compliance
    • Policy compliance on spot checks

    Lytx Lab Innovation

    Parked-Highway/Ramp is the first feature to come out of Lytx Lab, an idea incubator and a way for Lytx to work directly with its customers to address market needs. Lytx Lab allows for ad hoc experimentation and collaboration between development and product teams to rapidly create and test new products with customers.

    Learn more about Lytx Lab in the video below:

    Customer Collaboration

    One of the pillars of Lytx is innovation—collaborating with customers to create solutions powered by the Lytx Vision Platform that can serve their existing and emerging needs. When customers told Lytx about the parking problems their drivers face, the Lytx Lab team began engineering what became the Parked feature. Within Lytx Lab, select customers can receive early access to features and provide feedback, allowing Lytx to make adjustments quickly and accelerate the time to market.

    Hear from Dan and Kristin about how Lytx collaborates with its customers: