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    When You Add It All Up, Video Doesn’t Cost. It Pays.

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of fleet safety and management, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. As more companies seek innovative solutions to optimize their operations and enhance productivity, one tool has emerged as the Swiss army knife of any fleet management strategy: video integration within fleet telematics. While the initial investment may give some pause, the undeniable benefits of incorporating video into fleet management far outweigh the costs. From improving driver safety and accountability to streamlining operations and reducing costs, the addition of video technology offers a myriad of advantages that are reshaping the way companies approach operational decisions.

    Anyone can tell you that implementing video is an investment. These stories show just how much value video can add.

    1. Video paves the way to reduce operational costs at all levels

    By helping create safer drivers through the use of video, companies can boost their bottom line in the form of fewer collisions, better driving habits, reduced vehicle damage, and lower insurance premiums. Watch how video helps organizations like LKQ Corp. unlock new ways to save on operational costs.


    2. Video fosters a culture based on safety, leading to a more engaged team

    Having the ability to coach drivers on improving their performance based on tangible video examples signifies that you are invested in their career, similar to the idea of reviewing gameday footage with professional athletes. This can help you attract and retain top talent in a competitive economy. Watch how video helps Beacon Mobility uncover opportunities for safety in their organization.


    3. Video helps protect valuable equipment and property

    Video provides more than a basic lock and key to protect valuable assets by capturing evidence of theft and aiding in the fast retrieval of stolen property. Watch how the use of industry-leading video helps Smart Care Equipment Solutions tackle theft and even capture video evidence to identify thieves and retrieve stolen property swiftly.


    4. Video allows for more automatic risk identification, saving time and resources

    Pairing video with smart technology like AI can be instrumental in identifying risky behaviors. In-cab alerts leverage AI to spot specific driving behaviors, allowing for identification of behaviors at scale and opening the door for targeting coaching. Watch how Coca-Cola Consolidated leverages the power of video to not only harness new operational efficiencies but also foster a safety-based culture.


    Embrace the video movement

    Only video can reveal the truth of what’s happening on the road at scale, saving you valuable time and resources while delivering crucial insights to help your fleet operate at peak performance. Lytx® technology leverages AI on top of traditional telematics to help fleets consistently achieve reductions in collisions, reduce the costs associated with risky, inefficient driving, and ultimately improve fleet productivity.

    Get in touch to take your operations to the next level with the powerful combination of Lytx video and telematics solutions.