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    Case Study

    Ben's Asphalt, Inc. - Case Study

    concrete trucks lined up in parking lot

    Founded in 1961, Ben’s Asphalt is the largest asphalt maintenance and parking-lot management company in Southern California.


    Ben’s Asphalt wanted a comprehensive technology to help limit its liability and coach drivers.

    Using the program

    • Ben’s Asphalt selected the Lytx® Driver Safety Program to get more visibility into driving behavior, allowing the company to take direct action to improve performance and safety.
    • Ben’s Asphalt uses the technology to support its driving training program, giving drivers tangible ways to reduce risky behavior.

    Training and support [for Lytx® Driver Safety Program] is top notch.

    Robert Deiro, Director, Ben’s Asphalt, Inc.


    • Ben’s Asphalt has seen a distinct improvement in driving behavior after incorporating Lytx’s video telematics, with more technicians following safety best practices. This has also fostered an increase in productivity.
    • The Driver Safety Program has helped the company pinpoint both top performers as well as consistently risky technician driving behavior, revealing trends that help improve internal operations.