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    Case Study

    MV Transportation Improves Driver Behavior

    Paratransit leader improves driver behavior to protect drivers and passengers


    • Paratransit drivers faced ongoing risks and challenges operating a diverse fleet of vehicles in urban and country environments
    • Driver training needed improvement to take safety to the next level


    • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam® safety program
    • Identified the riskiest drivers and provided them coaching and counseling
    • Tracked driver performance improvement over time


    • Cultivated a proactive approach to improving driver and passenger safety 
    • Reduced frequency and severity of incidents by 50% in one year
    • Identified their top safety risks and how to mitigate them 
    • Exonerated drivers not at fault in incidents
    • Used DriveCam® safety program reporting to recognize good drivers

    The DriveCam difference

    MV Transportation has a diverse operation consisting of fixed-route paratransit and airport and corporate shuttles. Their drivers work in many different environments and encounter pedestrians, cyclists, and distracted drivers. The company wanted to improve its fleet safety and used the DriveCam safety program to do so.

    With the DriveCam program, MV Transportation had a proactive tool for identifying risk areas and where improved training was required. The company identified potentially risky drivers early on, coached them, and then tracked performance. Driver awareness increased while accidents decreased—in fact, both frequency and severity of events were cut in half.  

    Model drivers received positive recognition and some were also exonerated after traffic accidents. The DriveCam program and dedicated support from Lytx helped MV Transportation improve their safety record and safety culture.