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    Case Study

    Paper Transport, Inc. - Case Study

    white and yellow semi truck trailers lined up in parking lot

    Paper Transport, Inc. decreases accident costs and exonerates drivers with Lytx


    • High costs of frequent and severe collisions and mystery damage to vehicles
    • A 500+ truck fleet that needed to demonstrate a culture of safety
    • Wanted to prevent driver injury and improve overall driver wellness


    • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam® safety program
    • Coached drivers on unsafe driving habits using data from the program
    • Highlighted positive driving habits at monthly meetings


    • Dramatically decreased collision costs per mile over two quarters
    • Minimized collision frequency and severity over two quarters
    • Experienced proactive driver-initiated coaching and strategies
    • Exonerated drivers after accidents
    • Improved driver skill and driver wellness

    The DriveCam difference

    Paper Transport, Inc. operates a little more than 500 trucks and is highly committed to safety. Drivers were hesitant when the DriveCam® safety program was first implemented, but now that perception has changed, especially after the DriveCam program exonerated drivers in some collisions.

    Just as a manufacturing company would coach workers if they saw them using machinery dangerously, Paper Transport wanted to coach risky driving behaviors in the same manner.

    Over time, drivers initiated coaching, and appreciated that model behavior was shared with the wider team.

    The company experienced dramatic decreases in collision costs per mile, as well as event frequency and severity. More importantly, drivers are today safer from injuries and have improved their overall wellness.