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    Case Study

    Space Age Fuel - Case Study

    Space Age Fuel operates 21 fuel stations, supplies fuel to 60 retail and wholesale fueling facilities, transports fuel for other petroleum companies, and provides home heating oil deliveries for the states of Oregon and Washington.


    Space Age Fuel was dealing with instances of mystery damage, Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance issues, and lack of actionable data surrounding these events.

    Using the program

    • Space Age Fuel selected the Lytx® Driver Safety Program due to its ease of implementation.
    • Space Age Fuel uses the Driver Safety Program to identify problem behaviors—such as cell phone use, unbelted and distracted drivers, and failures to stop—and to determine what happened at the time of a collision or incident.


    • After implementing the Driver Safety Program, Space Age Fuel was able to secure driver buy-in and improve driving performance and safety scores.
    • With insight into drivers driving distracted, drowsy, without a seat belt, or too close behind other vehicles, it was equipped to coach drivers on specific behaviors. The result was better overall fleet performance, while losing no drivers due to the implementation.