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    Coaching Conversations: Questions to Spark Driver Collaboration

    driver and coach looking at computer

    As every salesperson, investigator, and parent knows, you won’t get anywhere unless you ask the right question at the right time. The same is true for coaches. The most successful conversations with drivers are the ones where coaches ask thoughtful, open-ended questions—and then listen closely to what the driver has to say. The best coaches have learned what to ask and how to listen, demonstrating their support of the driver and the company’s safety goals.

    Asking drivers effective questions

    Using the right line of inquiry can encourage drivers to be truthful, descriptive, and collaborative—which leads to a stronger driver-coach relationship, and safer driving overall. 

    When you meet with drivers, phrase your questions to help them express the following:

    • Their points of view— Uncovers the root cause of feelings and problems.
    • How to see the situation differently— This involves exploring new ideas and approaches.
    • Where they want to go and how they can get there— In other words, identifying their goals.

    Here are some examples of effective questions to ask:

    Providing feedback

    As you're delivering feedback, look at your driver’s body language to determine how they are receiving your words. It's important that your driver feels heard and understood, and knows what their next steps should be. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:


    Download the job aid to learn examples of effective feedback.