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    Customize Your Program to Empower Your Drivers

    Coaching drivers doesn’t mean the same thing for every fleet. We’ve found that when given the opportunity, drivers often self-correct when given the tools to do so—which can help lighten your workload.

    Driver-powered safety features from Lytx can help drivers to self-correct and to review their own videos and safety trends—empowering them to stay safe on the road so you can focus on running your business. See how it works!

    Lytx features to help you empower your drivers include:

    Alerts for real-time improvement

    Real-time alerts can help drivers self-correct throughout their day, while giving management the data-driven reports they need to monitor progress and intervene if needed. With the Lytx DriveCam® SF300 Event Recorder, we offer in-cab audio alerts to help your drivers self-correct in real time. Choose which behaviors you want to focus on, and let your drivers take charge of correcting their distractions and behaviors without manager intervention.*

    Enable alerts by submitting a request ticket in the Support Center.


    Driver Check-in Tools

    Lytx Driver check-in tools allow your drivers to quickly review distracted or unsafe driving—with little or no manager intervention.

    Weekly Driver Summary email

    These reoccurring emails will share trends and rankings to help drivers track their safety performance without the need to log in. Meaning you won’t need to set them up with an account. This can encourage drivers to manage their own progress towards safer driving.

    Learn how this feature works. 

    Enable weekly summaries for your drivers by submitting a support ticket.

    Lytx Driver App

    The Driver App app lets drivers watch their videos, review their performance metrics, and get tips on how to improve – all on their mobile device. Drivers set up with login credentials can access the app once downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

    Lytx Driver App

    Lytx Web Application

    Drivers with Lytx Account login credentials can see their Driver Profile for an overview of their performance over the past 90 days, including driving score, common behaviors, and video of recent events.


    Solutions that adapt to your fleet

    Lytx services and features are customizable to help you be more efficient and adapt to your specific fleet’s needs.

    Coaching workflow options that adapt to your business

    Time, personnel, and policies differ from fleet to fleet and may change over time. That’s why we offer a range of coaching options from face-to-face to remote to self-coaching. You can also enable an option that allows you to escalate drivers who exceed a score threshold to face-to-face coaching. Drivers that are at or below your set threshold wouldn't be identified for coaching—helping put the power in the hands of your drivers so that you can focus on coaching the drivers that need it most.

    Tagging video helps drivers show you what matters

    Encourage your drivers to show you what they see out on the road with Driver Tagged events (formerly manual events) and you’ll have access to video of interest. By empowering your drivers to tag – like overflowing trash bins, locked delivery gates, and other safety concerns – you’re giving them the chance to tell you their story with video.

    You can find Driver Tagged videos:

    Under Driver Safety: Library ==> Events and filter by the “Driver Tagged” behavior

    driver-tagged videos

    Under Video Search: Library ==> Video Tags

    video search driver tagged events


    And now, if you have Lytx Driver Safety Program, you can set up Driver Tagged video to simply FYI Notify or as part of your Face-to-face (F2F) workflow for easy access and visibility.

    Add Driver Tagged to your coaching workflow with a request ticket.

    Recognition goes a long way

    Recognition shows employees that their company values them and their contributions to the success of their team and the company overall, motivating them to continue great work. You can give positive recognition easily within the Lytx account and see a history of the recognition you’ve given. We offer a few recognition best practices and webinars to help get you started.

    driver recognition

    Placing the driver at the center of your safety program leads to results. Empowered drivers who take a stake in their own improvement fosters a shared goal around improvement and may free up your time to focus on other drivers or areas that need your attention.

    Whether you want to adjust your existing program settings or add additional driver-empowerment features, you can customize your Lytx program to fit your unique fleet needs now and in the future.

    You can learn more by searching the resources in the Support Center or by talking to your Lytx account representative.