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    Customer Article

    Efficiency Starts With The Tools You Use Everyday

    Managing your fleet efficiently requires the ability to see what’s happening in an instant so you can make faster decisions. Lytx designs features that let you focus on your unique needs.

    Easily Get the Reporting You Need

    Lytx offers reports and visibility into what’s happening with your fleet so that you can access the information you need, when you need it.

    Discover a suite of customizable reports

    To help get the job done in less time, access, customize, and download your data wherever you are. With a suite of reports located in your account, you can adjust the filters to get the specific information you need.

    Compare safety performance relative to others

    Use reports to help gauge a driver’s performance relative to others in your fleet by reviewing driver scores (events) and continual behaviors (duration and percentage of drive time). Clients with Driver Safety Program or Risk Detection Service can customize the Drivers Report by group, date range, and behavior filters at the top.

    Track performance and health from your inbox

    Managers can subscribe to the weekly Insights Summary to access Risk Detection Service or Driver Safety Program details right from their inbox. No need to login to see outstanding coaching tasks and device health issues. With visual trends on the duration reporting graph, these insights offer convenience and consistent awareness to what’s happening in your fleet.

    To enable this feature, submit a request.

    COMING SOON: Easily reference alert activity in the Driver Profile 

    In-cab alerts* are a fundamental component for many safety programs. This spring you’ll have a new Alerts tab on the Drivers Profile to help you see alert counts and trends at a glance. Clients with the Lytx DriveCam® SF300 Event Recorder and audio alerts enabled will automatically have access to filter on the MV+AI in-cab behaviors, like handheld device, inattentive behavior, and seatbelt use.

    Reduce operating costs where fuel is wasted idling

    Quickly validate productivity and identifying moments of wasted time by downloading trip, stop, and idle details right from your Lytx account. Clients subscribed to Lytx Fleet Tracking can use the Fleet Operations Insight to pull the details they need for multiple vehicles they manage for work validation, payroll, and exceptions.

    Submit a request to learn more about Lytx Fleet Tracking.

    Faster Awareness with Text and Email Notifications

    Stay up to date on what’s happing in your fleet with email and text notifications. There are many alert notifications options available to help you get quick updates so that you don’t want to miss a thing.

    Use this guide to set up or manage your subscriptions.

    Event trigger notification

    When you want to know when events are triggered by one or more specific actions, the Event Trigger notification can help. Simply select one or more triggers—including MV+AI triggers like smoking and no seatbelt.

    Suspected Collision notification

    We know you want to take action quickly when we’ve identified a possible collision. Our artificial intelligence model is designed to capture a majority of collisions and may also identify significant non-collision events as “suspected collisions”. By setting up text or email notifications for Suspected Collision behavior, you can receive faster visibility when it matters most.

    COMING SOON: Notifications for non-admin users

    Want text notifications for users beyond your Admin team? You’ll soon be able to set up non-Admin users through the new "My Account" page. When a user without user editing permissions – like Coach, Driver, Safety Read Only – is signed up for alert notifications, they’ll receive an email inviting them to log into their Lytx account to opt-in.

    You can subscribe to various notifications to help you respond faster to situations on the road.

    Read best practices and top alerts for text and email notifications.