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    Feature Focus: Give Drivers Positive Recognition

    Positive recognition can help you motivate your drivers to improve performance. Did you know that you can give recognition with a personalized certificate directly from your Lytx account? You can present certificates during your coaching session, at team meetings, or via email for drivers that are on the road for extended periods. Once logged in to, you can also run reports to view recognition history for you and your team.

    Watch to see how to:

    • give your drivers positive recognition through the Lytx event player
    • create, edit, and download a driver recognition certificate
    • view recognition history

    How to give positive recognition for an event:

    Open the desired event. Under the event player and graph, press "Add Recognition."


    How to give positive recognition for general positive performance:

    Go to the Driver Profile. In the Driver Information box, press "Add Recognition" in the top right corner.


    If desired, you can edit the Certificate Display Date or the Recognition Reason. As you edit, you can view a preview of what the certificate will look like.


    If desired, you may edit or delete the certificate if you'd like to start over. When you're finished editing, press "Complete."

    To print the certificate, press the "Download" button to download it to your computer and print from there. 


    Reviewing Recognition History

    To review past recognition certificates, go to Library > Recognition History. You may download, edit, or delete certificates by clicking/tapping on Event/Driver Recognition under Type.


    Each driver's history of recognition certificates is also available on their Driver Profile. For more details, go to "Reviewing the Driver Profile."

    Learn more about the importance of recognizing and incentivizing your drivers.