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    Lytx Customer Experience Spotlight

    When you partner with a company for something as vital as safety—where lives are literally at stake— it’s important to get all the support you need to make your program run as effectively as possible. At Lytx®, we proactively anticipate our customers’ emerging needs, innovating with Lytx Lab to give you the opportunity to try out new features. But one of Lytx’s main differentiators is the amount and variety of support we provide; from the moment you sign up for a trial all the way into years of working together. Experts are available at every stage of our relationship.

    Trial experience

    Qualifying customers start with a trial experience to ease into their new system. Starting slowly with only a few deployments makes the learning curve for managing the system easier. Before the trial, we lay the groundwork for installation—gathering fleet data, user information, and installation locations. Then, you may:

    • Customize your program according to your business objectives, such as the types of risks you want to capture and the features you want to enable
    • Learn how to manage your program, onboard your employees, and navigate through the platform with on-demand videos, live webinars, and the help of your trial account manager
    • Access to content resources like articles and product release notes

    Expert support

    Lytx connects you with a team of experts who will assist you through onboarding and will be there for your continued success throughout our entire partnership.

    AE- Account Executives and KAM - Key Account Managers

    First, your Account Executive (AE) will help you choose the appropriate program, answering any questions or concerns. They’ll be there to help you with your trial experience.

    About 12-18 months in, you’ll also be paired with a Key Account Manager (KAM) who will serve as your point of contact. The KAM will guide you with support for expansions, upgrades, renewals, and new technology offerings.

    CSMs - Client Success Managers

    Client Success Managers are assigned soon after you sign up and begin working with you in earnest during your onboarding experience. They’re there to answer any questions, guide strategy, and generally, ensure your Lytx integrations go as smoothly as possible.

    Onboarding support team


    After your trial experience is complete, Lytx’s dedicated, highly trained team specializing in continued onboarding support is here as you ease into a full program rollout. Support is entirely based on your needs—we can provide anything from a dedicated, onsite manager to an online, learn-on-your-own time plan that lets you proceed at your own pace.

    Online onboarding module

    Once your trial experience is completed, your CSM will give designated users on your account the login and instructions for our Online Onboarding Module (OOM)—a digital experience designed to walk new clients through installations, optimize your Lytx tools, and tools to onboard your full team. You’ll customize the OOM and work at your own pace to complete the course and installations—which typically takes from two to eight weeks. Once you’ve completed the OOM, your CSM will schedule a call with you and go over any lingering questions and concerns so that you feel prepared to train the rest of your team. Additionally, Lytx provides online Learning Modules customized to your program as a resource to train the rest of your team.

    Subject matter expert program consultants

    When you convert from a trial to your full onboarding rollout, we connect you with a subject matter expert (SME) who specializes in your industry. They provide mentorship—explaining what they did with their company, sharing best practices—and help launch your Lytx program without any hitches. You also get access to SME-created resources, such as playbooks or guided campaigns for programs like changing behavior or recognizing high performers.    

    Solutions architect

    If needed, a solutions architect can be utilized to analyze your business systems and create the most efficient, easily maintainable system for you. They’ll work on API integrations, combining multiple systems into one UI, and helping create a custom solution.

    Client onboarding manager

    Based on fleet complexity and client needs, a Client Onboarding Manager (COM) may be assigned as your dedicated deployment project manager, typically working with you for a few months during your trial experience to make sure all the rollout tasks are completed for a seamless transition. They provide updates, identify potential snags, and procure solutions for you. The COM works with your CSM, and will eventually step back and let your CSM take over as your Lytx point of contact.

    Regular data reviews

    Data isn’t helpful unless you can use it to improve your business and safety objectives. Lytx wants to make sure there’s total transparency and comprehension around your data, as well as the ability to see opportunities for improvement. We provide three methods that analyze and use your collected data.                                               

    Lytx Intelligence Suite

    Lytx Intelligenceā„  can provide additional insights, delivered to your email on a set cadence, to help you improve your fleet management. You can tailor your reports to help prioritize drivers and groups, as well as measure trends and benchmark performance specifically for your fleet. These reports can help drive awareness with upper management and accountability with drivers. The Lytx Intelligence Suite offers reports on demand, including:

    • Executive Report
    • Group Report
    • Driver Focus Report
    • Top Performers Report

    Lytx Intelligence Portal

    Get the most accurate picture of risk with the Lytx Intelligence Portal, a complimentary feature containing insights collected from our vast database—not just your own fleet’s—including more than 3 billion miles of monthly driving data and 36,000 daily risky driving events. The Intelligence Portal contains the following three reports:

    Collision insight dashboard

    Analyze route risks, benchmark fleet performance, and assess safety trends with this report dashboard. Here you’ll find an analysis of your company’s collision data compared to industry peers, revealing:

    • Collision trends aggregated over a limited period of time
    • Collisions by speed
    • Collision frequency by time and day

    Collision map industry analysis

    This report reveals a selected industry’s collision trends in four components:

    • Collision heat map: collision frequency and location likelihood
    • Collision breakdowns: analyzes collision categories, including behaviors, speed, seat belt usage, and even animal strikes
    • Time and day: collision distribution by time and day over the previous three months
    • Additional insights: a breakdown of collisions based on severity, type, weather conditions, and traffic volume

    Customized reports

    Generate reports based on your demographics, such as fleet size, geography, and industry.

    Taken together, these three reports help you fully understand all the factors that play into collisions—environmental and driver.


    Lytx Performance Reviews

    Lytx Performance Reviews invite client and seller executives in-house to analyze your program and offer suggestions for improvement, including technology and program management guidance. In addition to reviewing your day-to-day operations, we also review the data you’ve collected and identify new opportunities for achieving your business goals with relevant new features and products. Brent Ellis, VP of Business Systems and Process at Decker Truck Line says,

    Moving to Lytx has been a great experience. Lytx customer support goes above and beyond, not only to assist when there's an issue, but also in guiding you in how to better use the system to reach your goals. From sales to support it's been a fantastic experience.

    At Lytx, your business objectives are our business objectives. We understand a one-size-fits-all tech solution won’t fit everyone. Working with us means having access to a suite of experts to help you identify both preventative solutions and how to fix existing dilemmas, plus the ability to try out the most cutting-edge new solutions in transportation safety.