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    Make Data-Driven Recognition Decisions with the Coaches Report

    says return on investment

    Coaches are important partners to fleet safety leaders. The safety initiatives and messaging being communicated to the fleet are put into real-world context during coaching sessions with drivers. This makes the role coaches play critical to your safety program—they are often the ones who turn safety concepts into safety actions. 

    Because the role is so critical, fleets must make sure coaches are doing their jobs well. One way to do that is with the Coaches Report, which provides valuable metrics on average coaching effectiveness, average days to coach, and more. This data can be used to quantifiably gauge managers' coaching performance relative to other managers in your fleet. Which coaches are successfully motivating drivers and improving safety? The report allows you to make data-driven recognition decisions, which translates into streamlined operations: 

    • Better coaching improves driving; 
    • Improved driving increases safety; 
    • Increased safety lowers costs (from collisions and lawsuits to HR) while boosting efficiency and retention

    If you haven’t leveraged this report yet, here’s how you can do so.



    Navigating the report

    The group and date range filters at the top control data displayed on the page.

    The table provides metrics for coaches within the selected group. You can download a CSV report at the bottom right.

    If you select a figure under “With Notes”, you're taken to the Coaching History for that coach to see which coaching sessions have notes and which don't.

    Note: You may see a discrepancy between the Coaches Report and Coaching History. This is because the report data is updated once daily while Coaching History is updated frequently throughout the day.


    • Average Coaching Effectiveness: This is Coaching Effectiveness averaged over the selected date range.
    • Average Days to Coach: This shows the average number of days to coach an event once it's available for coaching.
    • Coached Events: This shows the number of events coached.
    • With Notes: This shows the percentage of coaching sessions to which the coach added notes. This includes notes of any kind, such as session notes and event notes. If a coach adds notes, this may indicate they provided more substantive coaching to their driver.
    • Last Login: This shows when the coach last logged in. This allows you to check if coaches have been engaging with the program.  

    These metrics help safety leaders evaluate coaches with unbiased clarity. Knowing which coaches are engaging with the program and effectively changing driver behavior is critical to strengthening your safety culture and achieving the goals that prove ROI to fleet leaders.