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    Managing Your Fleet Just Got Easier

    laptop screen showing geofences

    Sometimes it helps to reduce the number of systems you need to access in a day. With Lytx Fleet Tracking Service, you can bring together your video, driver safety, and fleet management tools all within one system. Take a look at some of the new capabilities you available to you.


    Tools you want and need

    Discover a set of intuitive tools within Fleet Tracking, such as geofences, and interactive map, and video right from your vehicle, that can help streamline your workday.

    Real views of your fleet

    Use the Video Browse with Lytx Fleet Tracking Service, to see where your vehicles are and easily access video of them. The ability to search video based on trail points or street address can help you provide proof of service or delivery and possibly see your employee’s compliance on procedures.

    A map with many uses

    Not only can subscribers access video from any trail point on the map, the Lytx Fleet Tracking map offers the ability to view one or groups up to thousands of vehicles at a time, search and find capabilities, as well as geofence boundaries and useful icons for direction, starts, stops, and idles. Manage your fleet with a map that's been enhanced based on user feedback. 

    Awareness of vehicle status

    With Lytx Fleet Tracking Geofences, you can easily and efficiently manage your fleet. Real-time display allows you to stay up to date on vehicle locations and notifications help you know when they enter or exit a designated area with notifications. Don’t forget that you can create, customize, and manage your geofences – plus, get the reporting you need – in your Lytx account with your Driver Safety Program.


    Vehicle knowledge at your fingertips

    Maintenance costs are one of the often-cited top expenses when managing a truck fleet. On top of that, a vehicle not out in the field working can critically impact productivity and in turn, profitability and customer service. Lytx Fleet Tracking Service offers mobile accessibility, so you can see maintenance needs, DTCs, and vehicle-specific operational data from anywhere in real time.

    While currently available for light duty vehicles with an OBD-II-enabled cable, the maintenance solutions for heavy duty vehicles are in development and coming soon.

    Be prepared for maintenance checks

    Knowing when your vehicles are due for inspection helps you stay ahead of the curve. Using Lytx Preventative Maintenance to plan your service intervals based on odometer can help you proactively service your vehicles and minimize downtime.

    Quickly see an issue code

    Lytx now offers Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) with Fleet Tracking Service to help you know about vehicle problems identified in the engine control modules. This feature helps provide the information you need to keep your fleet in top running condition and prolong the health of your vehicles.

    Fleet data where you need it

    Access to all your fleet data in your Lytx account whenever and wherever you need it—including fleet management details. You can also use Lytx API services to reliably send and receive information between Lytx and your internal systems or third-party services to help you see the information you need where it makes sense for your organization.


    Take action based on clear insights

    Fleet Tracking reporting can help fleets make more informed decisions. Metrics and data can help you effectively manage your fleet by giving you insights into activities – like prolonged idling, speeding and fuel consumption – so you can take action.

    A single view of key data points

    The Fleet Operations Insight includes metrics like time and distance traveled, trips, stops, and violations providing a cohesive view of your fleet details at the group level or the vehicle level. This single report combines data typically found in several reports help give you an efficient view of your fleet.

    COMING SOON! Driver-based reporting options

    In the future you’ll be able to see productivity by driver, especially when drivers operate multiple vehicles. By using driver ID – like Lytx Badge, Driver Dispatch API, or 1-to-1 vehicle-driver assignment – you’ll be able to access Driver Based Reporting. This feature will provide top-line metrics by groups and vehicles cross referenced by driver and a Driver Profile page for employee-specific trip, stop, and idle details.‚Äč

    Add Lytx Fleet Tracking Service to your video program can help you streamline your workday. 

    Contact your Lytx representative or support for a demo.

    * Cellular network connectivity required for real time access. Some solutions require specific DriveCam devices and cables. Ask your representative if your configuration is enabled for the services you are interested in using.