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    Parked-Highway/Ramp Moves to Safety Suite

    trucks lines up in a parking lot with an image of  the Lytx parked feature

    After a successful seven-month experiment in Lytx® Lab¹, the Parked-Highway/Ramp feature moved to the Safety Suite as an additional risk identification trigger and behavior. Often drivers report parking on shoulders, ramps, or other undesignated locations when a vehicle becomes disabled or their hours of service are up and they need to stop to remain compliant with federally mandated regulations.

    Understanding these needs, coupled with the serious impacts (fatalities/injuries, rising insurance costs, loss of wages and revenue), Lytx tested and developed a solution to help you identify parking risks and help drivers plan their route with known and safe rest stops along the way.

    We incorporate the voice of our customers when building new features and this one is no different. The feedback you provided during testing the Parked-Highway/Ramp feature in Lytx Lab was invaluable to shaping its release to the Safety Suite.


    Using idle data, GPS information, and geospatial analysis, the feature identifies and captures a video clip of vehicles parked on highways and ramps. More specifically, this feature allows managers to see if vehicles are parked on highway shoulders or ramps for five minutes or more. Once identified, a short video clip (typically 9-10 seconds) is sent to your Lytx account under “FYI Notify” within minutes for your review*.

    This new feature allows you to know when your drivers have stopped in an unsafe manner (highway or on/off ramp) allowing you to intervene and help the driver find a different place to park or stop.

    What are the benefits?

    • Visibility to where your drivers are parked and what options are available
    • Help drivers plan their routes with known and safe rest stops along the way
    • Protect your drivers and your bottom line with critical safety information
    • Help manage drivers’ hours of service more appropriately
    • Manage disabled vehicles more quickly   

    How does this affect your workflow?

    • Requires SF300 or higher device with Road-View Continual Recording enabled
    • The event will show as an FYI Notify task
    • The new triggered behavior is not coachable by default
    • The behavior will not affect your behavior or coaching scores
    • Proactively sign up for SMS or email notifications

    Don’t let unsafe parking become a compliance headache for potential collision liability. Use the Parked-Highway/Ramp feature today!

    1 Lytx Lab experiments are included as a service to our customers. Lytx Lab features are experimental in nature and are provided for informational purposes only. Access to Lytx Lab is made available to users at no charge as part of their service; however, some experimental features may require a subscription to specific Lytx products in order to provide the intended insights. Lytx Lab features may be added, altered, or removed without notice.

    * Subject to available cellular network coverage.