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    Reduce Risk in Your Fleet with MV+AI-Powered Alerts and Manager Tools

    MV+AI detecting driver drinking

    Machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) are not just for your smart phone. Your fleet can benefit from the technologies by capturing additional risk and alerting drivers in real time.† When trying to help detect and prevent distracted driving in your fleet, MV+AI can help in various ways.*

    Take action in real time

    To help combat distracted driving and address other high-risk driving behaviors, Lytx AI capabilities provide real-time alerts into risky behaviors.

    In-cab alerting for distraction

    Help defend your fleet against unsafe behaviors with real-time alerts. Upon hearing alerts, drivers can self-correct risky behaviors, such as using handheld devices, inattentive driving, smoking, and not wearing a seat belt.

    Read more about in-cab alerts in the Support Center.

    Road-facing activity alerts

    MV+AI road-facing triggers can help your drivers have an even more comprehensive view of their distracted driving. By identifying unsafe driving behaviors – including lane departure, following distance, critical distance, speeding, and rolling stops – your drivers can be alerted, and you can be notified.

    See how road view MV+AI works.

    Manager insights in your account

    While drivers have the chance to self-correct with in-cab alerting, managers need visibility into these behaviors to help maintain an effective safety program. There are various tools in your account that can help you understand alert efficacy.

    View extended behavior duration

    The Continual Behaviors report can help you track select MV+AI-identified behaviors for duration in minutes of and percentage of drive time the behaviors consume. This report works when MV+AI is enabled and a method of driver assignment configured. With over six specific behaviors to choose from, you’ll be able to have additional context into trips to help guide conversations thanks to MV+AI.

    Read more specifics on the driver and manager experience with Continual Behaviors.

    Configure your coaching settings**

    Use Escalate to Coaching for drivers who repeat distracted behaviors identified by Lytx MV+AI technology by setting your own score threshold and rolling timeframe. Drivers who exceed your set limits will be identified for coaching. This can help you save time on those who are optimal performers. To enable this feature, just contact your Lytx representative or submit a support ticket.

    Learn how you can set up Escalate to Coaching for your fleet.

    Reference alert activity in your account – NEW!

    Alert Reporting features were recently released to help you see the volume of MV+AI alerts by driver. Visibility into the alerts will help you see how well your driver is reacting to the alerts. You can quickly reference your team’s alerting activity and see trends at a glance in your Lytx Account—so you know who to coach and who to reward.

    MV+AI can help streamline your workday

    Lytx MV+AI technology goes beyond identifying risk. It can help automate time-consuming, manual tasks to help reduce labor costs and mitigate risk of human error. Here are a few other MV+AI features Lytx offers you as part of your program.

    Driver identification

    You can use Lytx Badge to easily track who is driving vehicles in your fleet at any given time. The feature uses MV+AI built into the device to read unique driver IDs. It’s a fast way to associate drivers with vehicle information - right from within your Lytx account - and it’s included with no additional hardware investment required.

    Learn more about Lytx Badge on the Support Center.

    Identify event recorders with Lens Obstruction

    Use the new Lens Obstruction feature to automatically identify camera issues so you can resolve them quickly. And COMING SOON, you’ll be able to enable an audio alert for drivers to be alerted in real time when the inside view is hindered.

    Learn more about Lens Obstruction event creation.

    Real time collision notifications

    AI technology can help detect suspected collisions automatically and send notifications, helping to give you faster visibility into events that might be a collision so you can take swift action. Without having to scroll through footage, the AI model may also help alert managers to significant non-collision events—saving you even more time.

    See how Suspected Collision notification works.

    MV+AI can help detect and prevent risky driving in real time. Hear what the Lytx alerts sound like!

    To enable MV+AI settings, including audio alerts, contact your Lytx representative or submit a support ticket.

    *Audio alerts are available with the Lytx DriveCam® SF300 Event Recorder or higher.

    **Available with Driver Safety Program subscription. Risk Detection Service clients can upgrade to Driver Safety Program to access these tools.

    †WARNING — The Lytx Event Recorder is a driver aid only. Never wait for the device to provide a warning before taking measures to avoid an accident. See details here.