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    Staying Ahead of the Curve with Route Risk

    Fleet tracking map

    The needs of transportation businesses change with adjustments in economies and consumer demands. At Lytx, we promote a culture of experimentation to help our customers like you stay ahead of the curve, regularly testing features with clients like you. This dynamic environment allows us to share and learn.

    As part of your Lytx program, we give access to select user roles* to the Lab tab within the Lytx Account to see and interact with our big data insights to help your fleet. Check out some of the key features around route risk:

    Discover risk along your routes

    The Route Risk‡ feature provides a heat map of potential risk in select cities and countries. A satellite view offers better visibility of roads and highways when searching along a specific route. You can use this map to help guide routing decisions for your fleet.

    When you’re on the road, you can use Route Risk on an iOS mobile device in the Lytx Driver App. The app feature can help alert you of potential risks while you’re on the move. You and your team can get alerts from the Lytx Driver App without Lytx Account login credentials.+ Using Route Risk can help provide awareness to relevant hotspots based on your location and contributing factors such as time, day, weather, traffic & driver actions.

    Explore your routes relative to risk

    Overlay a vehicle trip on the Risk Map to assess the risk of your driver’s day. Select a past trip by vehicle to see what level of potential risk vehicles may have been exposed to on their routes. By looking back, the Risk Map can help you make informed decisions about future routes.

    We are also currently testing the following features:

    • Camera – Access to road-view still images from the Lytx device network and traffic cameras expands your Managed Services subscription visibility of various roads, highways, and intersections.++
    • Parking – Know when your vehicle is parked on the side of a highway or ramp. Combining vehicle telemetry data with maps and road conditions, the Parking feature aids in managing parking situations that are a potential vehicle code violations or a potential liability.

    Learn more about the Route Risk feature in this Support Center article.

    *The Lab tab is visible for these Lytx Account user roles: Program Manager, Safety Manager, and Full Access.

    ‡Route Risk is a driver aid only; and is not a substitute for a safe, conscientious driver.  Whether or not Route Risk is in use, it is always the responsibility of the driver to be attentive, use safe driving techniques and take measures to avoid an accident.

    +Users must accept the EULA terms and conditions within the iOS app to access Route Risk within the Lytx Driver App.

    ++Road-facing views only. Opt-out available within your Lytx Account. Cameras are subject to availability and cellular network coverage. Images are not guaranteed.