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    Supercharging Fleet Safety with Innovation

    At Lytx®, we use leading-edge resources to help push the envelope on innovation. We have the world’s largest database of commercial vehicle driving data (185+ billion miles) of its kind and are the first video telematics company to employ machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) in a data analytics platform to analyze video footage. We also recently earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Company of the Year Award in the North American video safety solutions industry.

    “Lytx is an unparalleled innovator and relentless leader driven by a passion to improve road safety and create a world where no commercial driver is ever the cause of a collision.”

    -Krishna Chaithanya Bathala, Frost & Sullivan program manager of the connected fleet group

    We are committed to delivering one-of-a-kind insights to our clients. These insights can help you gain a more expansive view of risk, so you can make significant advancements in fleet safety and operations.

    Often, we are asked about our research and development (R&D) efforts and how clients can benefit from them. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

    How does Lytx come up with new offerings?

    We look at common problems across our customer industries to ensure that we are solving for a market need. Lytx Lab is our initiative to accelerate innovation. The lab is not a representation of features that will be developed; rather, it’s our testing ground for R&D, where we push the boundaries of fleet products and collaborate with customers to continuously develop, test, and refine new offerings.

    Can I check out the experiments in Lytx Lab?

    Yes. Lytx Lab experiments1 are included as a service to our customers. We always incorporate the voice of our customers in the experiments—the feedback you provide when testing new products and features is invaluable to shaping our future offerings.

    Watch this webinar replay to better understand the power of Lytx Lab.

    What are the available experiments in Lytx Lab?

    You can currently test a new range of solutions that include:

    risk map

    Risk Map & Route Risk

    Analyze historical data with machine learning to identify where collisions and risks are most likely to occur. Risk Map is the desktop version, while Route Risk is the mobile version2 (iOS only), built for drivers.

     This technology analyzes more than 50 million accident reports representing 10 years of collisions across the US. The map shows hot spots with a high frequency of slowing traffic, pedestrians crossing, children playing, deer roaming, or one of more than 25 other potential hazard types.

    What are the benefits?

    • Better understand where you’re sending drivers before they hit the road.
    • Look back after a trip concludes at the relative risk a vehicle encountered.
    • Drivers receive real-time alerts3 for potential active hazards as they approach them when using the Driver App.


    virtual camera

    Virtual camera4

    Access a virtual webcam that allows you to evaluate road, weather5, and traffic conditions in real time via a network of roadside and on-vehicle cameras. See recent road-view still images for up to 60 minutes from the Lytx device network and tens of thousands of roadside and traffic cameras.

    What are the benefits?

    • Use the images to confirm traffic and weather conditions and make on-the-fly routing decisions.
    • Respond almost instantly to unpredicted events and risks.

    unified map

    Unified map

    Manage your fleet operations with an interactive map to view current road hazards, weather, traffic, and more. You can enable and disable layers to overlap for enriched insights.

    What are the benefits?

    • Plan the safest and fastest routes for drivers.
    • Make better decisions regarding risk levels in the field.


    first move

    First move

    Identify the direction a vehicle is facing as it leaves a parking space to help provide insights into vehicle damages.

    What are the benefits?

    • Reduce collisions by enforcing a “first-move forward” policy.
    • Provide drivers with tangible feedback for improvement.
    • Quantify the risk of backing out of parking spaces.


    beta coaching effectiveness

    Beta coaching effectiveness

    Gauge managers’ performance in coaching their drivers. The Coaching Effectiveness score compares the number of behaviors a manager has coached within the past 7/30/60 days with the number of behaviors their drivers have repeated.

    What are the benefits?

    • Considers when behaviors are coached so that repeated behaviors scores do not compound.
    • Decrease frequency of specific risky behaviors by ensuring drivers are properly guided on ways to improve.
    • Increase the quality of support for drivers.
    • Quantitatively assess a coach’s skill level.

    What happens when an experiment is over?

    After an experiment, the product or features will either go down the path of commercialization, meaning it will be available for sale, or they will disappear. We reserve the right to remove and make changes to the experiments at any time, but we do give notice before removal. Experiments may run for any length of time, from days to years.

    Will Lytx charge to use the experiments?

    No, if you are provisioned to see the products and features, you may use them for as long as they are available.

    Will Lytx’s focus on innovation affect how my current Lytx products or services are supported?

    Our R&D activities and focus on innovation are enhancements for existing products and services and will not impact how we support your fleet. Our account managers, customer service staff, and product teams are dedicated to serving the needs of our current clients and existing products.

    Continuously innovating to help solve your problems

    We promise to continue to push for technology breakthroughs that will help your fleet conquer its biggest challenges and keep our roads safer.

    “Listening to, and actively collaborating with, our customers ensures that we are developing solutions to address their most complex challenges and unmet needs,” said Rajesh Rudraradhya, Lytx’s Chief Technology Officer. “This is critical to advancing our position as the experts and leaders in our industry. We are pioneering the next-generation platform for fleet management solutions to protect fleets and drivers, and further increase efficiencies.”

    For more information on our newest innovations or Lytx Lab, contact your account manager or visit the Support Center.


    1Lytx Lab features are experimental in nature and are provided for informational purposes only. Access to Lytx Lab is made available to users at no charge as part of their service; however, some experimental features may require subscription to specific Lytx products in order to provide the intended insights. Lytx Lab features may be added, altered, or removed without notice.

    2Find Lytx Driver App guides for help downloading and using its safety features on the Support Center.

    3Use of Route Risk app is entirely at your own risk. Alerts require cellular connectivity and may not be accurate. Data may not be presented in real time. This is a driver aid only; and is not a substitute for a safe, conscientious driver. Whether or not Route Risk is in use, it is always the responsibility of the driver to be attentive, use safe driving techniques and take measures to avoid an accident.

    4Lytx camera images are only available from vehicles moving on major roadways. Images from parked vehicles are not available. You can opt out of contributing images from your Lytx devices at any time. 

    5Weather data comes from a third party and may be delayed or inaccurate.