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    Three Ways to Get More Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

    Knowing what’s happening in your fleet in real time helps you stay ahead of the curve. Technology offers options to get you the insights you need to take action quickly.

    1. Get real-time notifications to help speed up your response

    Get faster visibility into key events and behaviors with automatic text and email notifications. When you sign up for email and text notifications, Lytx technology will send a message when events occur, so you can take swift action without having to scroll through or request footage.

    Text notifications

    You want to be able to respond quickly to your fleet needs wherever you are. With text notifications, you can have real-time updates at your fingertips. Lytx Account roles with user editing permissions can set up text notifications for themselves and other users with a valid US or Canada cell phone number.

    Set up your text notifications with these simple steps.

    Email notifications

    Knowing when an event behavior, event score, geofence trigger violation, or suspected collision occurs can help you manage matters quicker and take swift action. You can set up notifications for what is important to you to be delivered to your inbox in real time.*

    Here are five popular email notifications and how to set them up.

    Watch this short video on how to set up your email notifications.

    Suspected Collision notification

    If the Lytx AI technology detects a suspected collision, it can automatically send you a text or email notification to let you know. This can help you respond more quickly to manage events and stay on top of the situation.

    See how Suspected Collision notification works.

    2. Manage your fleet with enhanced reports

    With just a few clicks, you can have insights to help you efficiently manage your fleet, analyze performance, and spot trends over time. Easily search, filter, and sort for custom reporting.

    Reporting insights suite

    In your Lytx Account, you have access to a suite of reports that help you have the information you need whenever and wherever you are. With the mobile-friendly UI, you can quickly see, segment, and sort charts. Plus, you can easily download the information with Data Export.

    Read articles on reporting in the Support Center:

    • Drivers Report Insight – Organized into multiple tabs, you can see metrics on drivers' safety performance, including their driver scores, continual behaviors, and alerts. This can be used to help gauge drivers' safety performance relative to other drivers in your fleet.
    • Group Report – Access metrics on group scores and event counts. This can be used to help gauge group safety performance relative to other groups in your fleet.
    • Coaches Report – Gain visibility into coaching metrics, including effectiveness and average days to coach. This can be used to help gauge managers' coaching performance relative to other managers in your fleet.
    • Behaviors Report – See event behavior frequency at a glance. This can be used to identify common risky behaviors to focus on.
    • Device Health Report – See device issues that may require troubleshooting. This can help you maintain device functionality in your fleet.
    • Open Tasks Report – Use to see open Face-to-Face coaching events, open FYI Notify events, and average age of those events. This can help you know when tasks and events need attention.
    • Program Status Report – Review the overall effectiveness of your safety program at the group level, including coaching metrics, along with key maintenance metrics.

    Continual Behaviors report

    View extended behavior duration for select MV+AI-identified behaviors with the Continual Behaviors report. Set your report parameters for duration and percentage of drive time the behaviors occur. When MV+AI and a method of driver assignment are enabled, you can have additional context to help guide your coaching conversations.

    Read more specifics on the driver and manager experience with Continual Behaviors.

    Alert activity on Drivers Report – NEW!

    Alert Reporting was recently released to help you see the volume of MV+AI alerts by driver. Visibility into the alerts will help you see how well your driver is reacting to alerts. You can quickly reference your team’s alerting activity and see trends at a glance in your Lytx Account—so you know whom to coach and whom to reward.

    Extract the data you need

    Data Extract allows you to pull your fleet’s event data whenever you need it. Filter for your specific date range in your Lytx Account, then use the Excel or CSV file to reorganize the data for your unique use case. Remember that we can also share your data with other systems using APIs, but more on that later.

    Discover more on Data Extract functionality.

    3. Access to deeper insights can help you improve further

    Some fleets need to dig a layer deeper to get the insights they need to effect change in their organizations. In those instances, customized reports or even joining data from multiple platforms into one might be a solution.

    Insight Summary email

    A weekly summary in your inbox can help you track the performance and health of your program at a quick glance. Every Monday, the Lytx Insights Summary gives managers access to key performance metrics in the convenience of an email with clear, easily digestible sections.

    Learn how you can enable this report for yourself or your team members.

    Lytx Intelligence Reporting

    Reports can help gain executive buy-in, run driver recognition campaigns, drive accountability, and industry benchmarking. Having reports packaged for your needs can help. Lytx Intelligence Reporting offers more than five predefined reports, including Top Performer, Driver Focus, Group, and Executive Reports.

    Watch this video on Lytx reporting and how it can help meet your fleet needs.

    APIs for more integrated reporting

    You can reliably send and receive information between the Lytx platform and your internal systems or third-party services with APIs. Using an API can help increase efficiencies by eliminating manual processes and facilitating advanced reporting using data from multiple systems.

    Watch this webinar to hear more about what APIs can do for you and your fleet.

    Learn more about Lytx API offerings in the Support Center.

    These tools can help give you the insights you need to take action and make decisions quickly.

    If you’d like more information on how you can access the real-time email or text notifications, the reporting insights, or other insight options such as APIs, reach out to your Lytx contact or look in the Support Center.


    Disclaimer: Reporting data and trends may vary based on available program data.

    *Real-time notifications require cellular network connectivity of the Lytx DriveCam® device.