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    What You Need to Know When Creating a Recognition Program

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    When done right, employee recognition creates a workplace culture that helps people thrive. Plus, research overwhelmingly shows that recognized employees are more likely to stick around. When workers feel valued and understand how their job contributes to the success of the fleet, productivity, and retention increase. 

    Recognition is particularly important when organizations grow or change, which is currently the case for many fleets navigating an uncertain economy, workforce gaps, and incredibly high consumer demand. Here are the essential best practices for creating a recognition program for your fleet.

    Who should I recognize and what should I recognize them for?

    There are many ways you can celebrate your fleet for achieving safety goals. Here are some suggestions for the types of things you could recognize:

    • Great Reaction Award: Honor drivers when they have an event marked with near collision-unavoidable AND no other behaviors are marked.
    • Excellence Award: Recognize when a driver achieves X amount of days or miles without a coachable event. (Adjust the qualifier based on your organization's goals.) 
    • Campaign Award: Launch a campaign around a specific safety topic like distracted driving or seat belt awareness, and then educate and reward drivers for achieving campaign goals.
    • Most Improved Award: Highlight growth and motivate others by featuring drivers who have demonstrated the most progression over a specified period of time. 
    • Timely Coaching Awards: Don't forget about your coaches! Show appreciation for their skills by presenting awards for coaching timeliness, average days to coach, number of coached events, and other goals that relate to engaging drivers. 
    • Safety Impact Awards: Create tiered levels to recognize coaching effectiveness. Bronze Award: Coaches with average coaching effectiveness scores above 70%. Silver Award: Coaches with average coaching effectiveness scores above 80%. Gold Award: Coaches with average coaching effectiveness scores above 90%.
    • Regional Safety Manager Award: Give annual recognition to your top-performing safety manager.

    How do I get started? 

    If you're not sure where to start when building a recognition campaign, here are six steps to launching it successfully:

    Step 1: Tell your story. Why this campaign?

    You need a clear purpose and goal when starting a campaign. What are you trying to accomplish? What story do you want to tell? Align your campaign with your company's safety culture to drive home your goals.

    Step 2: Create rules

    Keep your recognition campaign organized with clearly defined rules and guidelines. This may include communication plans, eligibility requirements, a schedule, and resources. 

    Step 3: Make it fun!

    Build excitement and engagement with campaigns by adding fun elements, themes, and activities to get everyone involved. 

    Step 4: Campaign kick-off

    After all the preparations have been completed, it’s time to kick off your campaign and execute your plan and vision.

    Step 5: Track programs

    Track your campaign and recognition program using Lytx's tools, reports, and resources. 

    Step 6: Reward your top performers 

    Celebrate success by recognizing and rewarding performers who achieved key milestones.

    Driver safety program recognition templates

    Lytx makes it easy to give recognition directly inside the product, especially when reviewing event videos. To give positive recognition for an event, open the desired event. Under the event player and graph, press Add Recognition. To give positive recognition for general positive performance, go to the Driver Profile. In the Driver Information box, press Add Recognition.

    Driver recognition and reward ideas

    Hear what our Lytx Program Consultants have to say about recognition programs. Watch now for driver recognition and engagement ideas to put in your program.