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    DOT Compliance Solutions

    HOS tracking - hours of service management 

    Consolidate and audit your records of duty status (RODS) in a single, online system.

    Gain visibility into DOT HOS trends with our dynamic dashboard

    Whether your company uses electronic logging devices (ELDs), paper logs, time sheets, or all three to manage hours of service rules, we’ve got you covered. The Lytx Compliance Services solution (formerly known as RAIR) hours of service (HOS) tracking system audits all driver logs and supporting documents, regardless of format, to help you ensure compliance under the ELD mandate. We compile your datasets, providing a single, online source of truth to help track driver HOS compliance.


    How HOS management works

    Improve HOS compliance and reduce risk

    We can help ease your transition to ELDs. Our HOS service streamlines all of your RODS, regardless of format or input type, in an online system that helps you identify compliance risk. Our dashboard view allows you to manage files at the corporate, regional, or driver level so you can address issues before costly collisions, violations, or fines occur. You’ll get full access to logs and supporting documents so you can easily create driver violation letters and provide effective coaching based on current HOS rules. Our system also helps you document and track coaching sessions for up to six months to support company policies and get a clear picture of progress. 

    Ease your workload and get quick results

    Lytx Compliance Services integrate with the industry's top 20 ELD providers, with new integrations added on a regular basis. We compile any type of file you’re using, even if they’re from multiple providers, into a single platform. We process, audit, and enter your files into your compliance dashboard within 24-48 hours of receiving the data to help you know your risk, stay compliant, and share rapid results.

    Customize your dashboard and reporting based on business needs

    Your dashboard allows you to view compliance risk at any level within your organization and customize access based on user roles you define. You can view data by specific regions, locations, terminals, fleet managers, and drivers. Our system stores all logs for the required six-month period and updates automatically to help you stay compliant as regulations change. You can even organize customized reports according to your company’s structure. 

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    “We have reduced time and manpower by at least 60% in the log department. The management reports help us target problem drivers.”

    Stephanie Gray
    Compliance Officer Tri State Expedited Services

    Try HOS management software free for 30 days

    See for yourself how DOT hours of service management can help you streamline processes, save time, and increase compliance. 

    The Lytx Difference


    Our team is invested in your success. We surround you with a team of technical, data, and industry experts to create a program that helps your company achieve extraordinary results.


    Our machine vision and artificial intelligence are powered by the most robust driving database of its kind with 261 billion miles and counting. Through Lytx Lab, we harness client-focused innovation to create solutions that deliver value to our customers.


    With a 25-year track record of real-world experience in delivering results, our award-winning technology, program, and service is with you every step of the way. We bring the strength and financial stability to be with you for the long haul.