Optimise Fleet Productivity

Maximise driver and vehicle performance to get the most value from your fleet.

Maximise Your Assets

Protecting your vehicle assets, keeping drivers and technicians on the road, and meeting customer demands on time are what keep you in business. It’s a tough job, and unsafe and inefficient driving in your fleet makes it tougher. That’s why improving driver safety and vehicle performance to optimise your fleet’s productivity and efficiency is crucial.

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Optimise Productivity

Find Out What’s Affecting Your Fleet’s Productivity

You can’t take action on what you don’t know. Discover the driver, vehicle, and route issues impacting your fleet’s productivity—then seize opportunities for improvement.

Reduce Collisions to Keep Moving

Reduce Collisions to Keep Moving

Every collision takes your driver out of the driver’s seat and your vehicle out of service. Lytx® helps you identify and address risky driving behaviours in your fleet to help prevent collisions in the first place—and keep your drivers and vehicles on the road.

Track Your Fleet in Real Time

Track Your Fleet in Real Time

It’s 10 a.m. Do you know where your drivers are? The Lytx Fleet Tracking Service provides near real-time visibility into the status of every vehicle in your fleet to help you increase driver accountability, assess route compliance and efficiency, and respond to customers faster.

Track Your Fleet in Real Time

Identify Maintenance Opportunities

Identify Maintenance Opportunities

Vehicle fuel consumption says a lot about engine health. Using data from your vehicles’ engine control modules (ECM), Lytx alerts you to vehicles that may need attention so you can prevent small maintenance issues from becoming expensive repairs.

“The fact that the videos are linked to the tracking information gives us clarity on what happened and where it happened. That is key to our success.”

Paul Wharmby, Compliance Officer, Shearings UK

Explore More Benefits

Improve Driver Performance

Cultivate safer, better drivers to reduce the risks and costs to your business.

Fleet Risk Management

Exonerate innocent drivers, prevent collisions, and safeguard your brand.

Reduce Costs

Lower costs related to collisions, claims, fuel use, maintenance, and much more.


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