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Lytx Asset Tracking Service

Protect your important equipment and track usage

fleet asset tracking

A cost-effective asset tracking solution to manage your vital equipment

With almost $1 billion in large machinery lost or stolen in the United States every year—and 75% never recovered—many of today’s construction fleet managers need an asset tracking solution that allows them to seamlessly secure and locate their equipment on a moment’s notice. 

Whether you need to maintain an inventory of equipment location, or want to check how often and where your assets are being used, you’ll need a tracking system that is nimble, easy to install, and reusable for on-the-fly tracking. That’s where Lytx’s new GPS asset tracker comes in.

How it works

See how our fleet and asset tracking solution provides historical and real-time* GPS locations for your assets alongside your existing fleet management and safety solutions.

equipment tracker

An easy-to-use GPS asset tracker for equipment

Fleet asset tracking units can be quickly and easily installed for a variety of asset management needs. Focus on keeping your operations running smoothly while our fleet asset management solution works seamlessly in the background.

Quick access to data by vehicle or asset serial number gives users key information, such as the last time an asset was moved or its current location.


Customizable asset tracking management at your fingertips

No matter your commercial vehicle asset management needs, Lytx offers a flexible asset tracking solution that allows customers to customize their experience with important notifications. 

Get notified when a vehicle has remained dormant for a period of time, when an asset enters or leaves a custom geofence, or when battery life falls below a designated threshold. This information can help shed light into overall equipment utilization, answering questions such as whether you need to acquire more or divest.


equipment asset tracker
yellow iron equipment tracker

Breathe easy with all your resources managed through a single vendor

By leveraging customizable notifications and an easy to access dashboard alongside your existing fleet management solutions, your team can remain focused on the things that matter.

When you include Lytx asset tracking in your all-in-one solution, you can spend less time navigating between different applications and interfaces, managing multiple vendors, and coordinating all the associated administrative work. You can get all the actionable data you need on your assets, vehicles, driver behaviors, and more through one comprehensive platform.