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Lytx Fleet Driver App

Empowering drivers to increase safety and productivity with each trip

An engaging and easy-to-use mobile app for drivers

The Lytx® Driver App gives drivers the power to manage their performance, conduct inspections, and log their hours of service (HOS). This simple, effective fleet driver app is offered as part of our configurable fleet safety program and our electronic logging device (ELD) solution. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

By using the app in combination with the Lytx driver safety solutions, fleets can count on advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to surface distracted driving and other risky behaviors, helping drivers objectively observe moments of risk and self-correct for future trips.

How it works

See how our driver app and in-cab alerts empower your drivers to improve

eld app

More Than an ELD App

The Lytx Driver App helps drivers stay in compliance with federal mandates, acting as the ELD app for the Lytx ELD Service. The Lytx ELD Service leverages the DriveCam® device to help you automate ELD records such as hours of service and record of duty status (RODS). The app’s dashboard and driving log make it easy for drivers to see when they are on or off duty, and when they're due for a break.  

Transparent access to performance data to help drivers improve 

Our fleet driver app provides drivers with 24/7 secure access to video playback of their driving performance and details about speed and location. Video clips are captured based on behaviors observed by Lytx DriveCam Event Recorders and can include speed violations, unsafe following distances, cell phone use, seat belt use, and incomplete stops. Drivers can also track their behavior frequency and duration to understand true levels of risk and focus on the improvements that matter most.

Track trends and improvements over time

Drivers can access performance trends over a 90 day period, giving them the ability to track their progress and zero in on new risks as they occur. This visibility gives drivers the crucial information they need to drive long-term change and help them correct risky behaviors for good.  

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