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Straight answers and honest facts

You’ve probably heard about video event recorders, and you probably have some questions or concerns about what they are, what they do, and how they will affect you. If you’d like straight answers and honest facts about what you can expect, you’ve come to the right place.

What Video Event Recorders Are—and How They Can Help You

Event Recorders are beneficial tools that can provide:

  • Exoneration from wrongful claims. When you are not at fault in an event, the video event recorder helps protect you from wrongful blame.
  • The truth of what happened. Video shows the clear, objective facts of events so that everyone can learn what really happened.
  • The opportunity to develop safer driving skills. Video event recording will capture evidence of risky driving to help you improve—as well as capture evidence of safe driving to help reward you. An important component of video event recorders program is to provide coaching to help you become an even better driver.

What Drivers Say About the Lytx Driver Safety Program

It’s common for drivers to be skeptical about video event recording program before they understand how it works and how it can benefit them. It’s also common for drivers to insist on having a video event recorder installed in their vehicle once they learn about and experience the benefits for themselves.

Benefits to Drivers

By providing exonerations from wrongful claims, the truth of what happens during an event, and opportunities to improve your driving skills, video event recording programs such as the Lytx Driver Safety Program can help to safeguard your driving record and employment. They can also help to make your job more enjoyable and worry-free.

Some of the main benefits of the program include:

Providing an objective witness during an event. The video event recorder always tells the truth about what happens during an event. This can protect you from blame when an event wasn’t your fault—and if you were at fault, it can help you to recognize and change your behavior to keep you and others safe.

Coverage even when your vehicle is unattended. An outside lens captures the area ahead of and around your cab, including events that occur when your vehicle is unattended. Have you ever returned to your truck and found damage that happened when you weren’t around? It‘s very hard to explain to your boss when you get back to the terminal. With a video event recorder, the events captured can show that you are not at fault.

Protection from the inside out. An inside lens can demonstrate that at the time of an event:

  • You WERE compliant with company regulations and state and federal driving laws regarding seatbelt usage and more
  • You WERE paying attention and looking out ahead
  • You WERE NOT texting or using your cell phone
  • You WERE NOT falling asleep
  • You WERE NOT distracted by your radio, food, or beverage

Complete documentation and proof of what occurred. The program also includes an audio component that saves recordings during those seconds when and only when an event is triggered. For example, was there a siren or not? Did you or someone else use a horn? Did you have your signal turned on? Facts like these can be critical in showing what happened.

Enhanced security that you control. A manual button to self-trigger the video event recorder allows you to document:

  • Traffic delays
  • Hostile motorists
  • Your actions when pulled over (such as to show you were wearing your seatbelt)
  • A locked gate preventing a delivery, etc.

The ongoing opportunity to raise your game. Great athletes become great by studying their game behaviors and improving their skills. You, too, can improve your skills by watching yourself on video. In many cases, you may not even be aware of a habit or behavior. The best way to become aware of a habit is to see it on video. Your company’s designated coaches will then work with you to change these habits and reduce risky behaviors.

The coaching program should be familiar to you as the philosophy behind the Lytx Driver Safety Program is based on the Smith System, a leading provider of collision avoidance driver training. Plus, your company’s existing training program is incorporated into your coaches’ methods and approach in order to both reinforce what you’ve already learned, and help expand your driving skillset.

An investment in your safety and security. By implementing the Lytx Driver Safety Program, your company is showing you that it truly cares about your well-being and success, and wants you to stay with them for the long-term.

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