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Why Surfsight technology?

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Benefits of becoming a Surfsight solution reseller

Our end-to-end resale solution allows you to expand your business offerings with a premium product you can sell at competitive prices, ramp up your existing offering, and offer a more robust solution without starting from scratch. All Surfsight® solutions are configurable and provide multiple implementation options, empowering you with great flexibility in leveraging our offering to best fit your unique organizational and business needs.

We are dedicated to your success

Here are just some of the tools we provide to enable your success.

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    Manage support tickets, access marketing enablement resources, and take learning courses.


    A dedicated space for developer centric tools and API information including detailed documentation, use-cases, and more.


    The knowlege base is your self-service resource for quick and easy access to everything you need to know about Surfsight solutions. 


    Access to sales enablement resources, product webinars, and other tools dedicated to supporting your success. 


    Access white label or co-marketable marketing assets and campaigns to help you effectively market to your prospects.


    A interactive purchase order form to help you initiate orders for cameras on add-on products.


    A device management tool for you to activate or deactivade devices, access device health information, manage orgnizations, and more. 


    Dedicated support for your every business need from device or WI-FI troubleshooting to installation or product issues, APIs, and more.

Steps to becoming a reseller

Your path to becoming a reseller starts with a phase of discovery. Your technical account manager will guide you through a discovery timeline starting with your initial application, through trial, review, mapping a project plan, all the way to contract.

With trial and contract complete, it’s time for onboarding. Your PSM will show you all the resources we've developed to help you succeed, including marketing and sales enablement tools, UI training, and more until you are ready to launch.


Following launch, your PSM and technical support manager will work in tandem to assess any additional training needs, regularly communicate regarding updates and releases, help you process orders, support device related troubleshooting, and more.

Experience you can trust

We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 20 years.


More than 2.1 million drivers protected worldwide


Available in 60 countries worldwide


300 billion kilometers of driving data analysed