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    Track, analyze, and improve fleet operations.


    Whether you have 100 or 10,000 assets, Fleetio provides what you need to automate fleet operations, helping you keep your vehicles and equipment running smoothly. Fleetio is a complete system of record that offers simple and comprehensive management of day-to-day fleet operations, including mobile asset management, maintenance management, fuel tracking, parts and inventory management and customized reporting. With the pre-built Lytx® integration, you can better manage your fleet maintenance requirements with automatic odometer updates and diagnostic trouble codes.

    About Fleetio

    Preventative maintenance

    Stay on top of preventative maintenance tasks for every asset in your fleet.


    Maintain compliance with electronic inspections.


    Plan, schedule, and track service tasks and costs.

    Parts and inventory

    Track part quantities, record usage, and reorder with ease.

    Issue management

    Resolve issues quickly to maximize uptime.

    Asset assignments

    Assign vehicles and equipment to drivers and operators.


    Understand the true cost of running your fleet.

    Mobile app

    Access and update fleet information from anywhere.

    Streamline fleet management and maintenance

    Get the most out of your assets by tracking every detail about your vehicles and equipment, and easily automate maintenance processes. Simplify fuel data collection and gain insight into costs and fuel economy. Maintain control of small equipment and tools from anywhere.

    Seamless integrations

    With easy setup with a pre-built data connector, you will be able to capture all of your fleet data in one place from seamless and secure integrations, including GPS and telematics, fuel cards, maintenance shops, recalls, and more.

    Increased visibility of problems

    View diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) to identify and diagnose malfunctions in your vehicles and equipment right away so you can take immediate corrective action.

    Reduced downtime

    Automatically track vehicle mileage and asset utilization with daily odometer readings that trigger service notifications at specified intervals.

    Greater efficiency

    Become less reliant on manual processes and optimize operations with customized triggers, thresholds, escalations paths, and maintenance workflows.

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