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    Reduce last-mile costs from a single cloud-based platform.


    GreenMile is a leading cloud-based and mobile platform solution that allows companies to better manage their mobile team’s productivity by providing them with visibility, actual-vs-planned management, real-time optimization and full analytics capabilities.

    With the integration of Greenmile and Lytx, safety managers streamline the management of critical driving events by having drivers automatically assigned to vehicles from the Greenmile interface.  Additionally Lytx provides stable live location updates so that visibility to your fleet is never compromised.

    About GreenMile


    GreenMile compares your route plan against the actual data and proactive alert you of any route plan deviations or future service failures, so you can focus on managing only the critical issues.


    Arrive at your customer within the promised time windows always. GreenMile PRO projects arrival times based on traffic information and re-sequence stops when necessary to ensure you don't miss your customer's time windows.


    Drivers can visualize their route manifest from their smartphone, input products and quantities delivered, and generate and send invoices from their phones, thus eliminating the cost of paperwork and reducing the time consumed in a manual process.

    • Manage delivery performance in real time 
    • Track, monitor, and measure actual-vs-plan performance metrics and KPIs
    • Keep fuel and maintenance costs low while improving customer service
    • Make changes to route and orders in real time
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