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    "Lytx forecasting tools are the only way we can access FMCSA data in a timely way. It really empowers us to catch a compliance-related issue early and implement a plan of action."

    Leslie Stout
    Director of Safety CalArk
    “If there was one technology I could have had throughout my 32 years in the transportation business, [Lytx] would be it. It’s another set of eyes. It’s proof. It protects the driver. And it protects the company.”
    Jerry Welsch
    Safety Manager A.D. Transport Express
    "My suggestion to someone looking to purchase? I can sum it up in one word: priceless."
    Dennis Dellinger
    President Cargo Transporters

    Experience you can trust

    We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 25 years.

    Our clients saw 625,000 fewer instances of risky driving in 2018+
    Up to 80% reduction in clients' claims costs+
    Our clients saved $1.7 billion on claims costs in 2023+