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    Automatic decisions in supply chain.


    Locus is a deep-tech platform that automates human decisions in the supply chain to provide efficiency, transparency, and consistency in logistics operations. Locus offers smart logistics solutions like route optimization, real-time tracking, insights and analytics, vehicle allocation, and utilization. 

    When paired together, Locus and Lytx® can help fleet managers optimize the total cost of ownership and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining fuel economy monitoring, SLA compliance, driver analytics, compliance management, and predictive maintenance alerts. 

    About Locus


    Locus’ smart algorithm can automate your routes whether it is a single delivery in Utah or millions in Manhattan. Locus provides flexibility with more than 170 variables across your fleet, routes, and delivery times to optimize for your business and customers.


    An AI-powered control module displays current location for each element of a fleet, in addition to where it has been and where it is expected to be in the future. Locus TrackIQ provides automated fleet decisions in case of any variations - expected or unexpected.


    Building sustainable transportation operations is core to crafting future-ready logistics. The next generation of transportation optimization and management solutions will allow for higher utilization of assets, transparency along the supply chain, efficient and consistent dispatch operations, and a world-class end-customer experience.


    The combined Locus and Lytx product offering can help fleet managers realize an improved fuel economy, higher daily fleet productivity, and improved on-time SLA compliance.

    For fleets, joining smart transport optimization with a management platform can result in higher asset utilization, optimized route planning, better driver communication, and seamless interactions with shippers and warehouses -- all translating into cost and time savings for fleet managers.


    Optimized routing reduces both capital and operational costs for local distribution. It also increases service levels and revenue-generating activities. Additionally, a direct reduction in environmental costs is achieved, driven by mileage efficiency.

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