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    Pipeline Transportation Company Pe Ben USA Deploys Lytx Driver Safety Program

    SAN DIEGO — March 5, 2020 — Lytx®, a leading global provider of machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics solutions for commercial, public sector and field services fleets, today announced a 192-vehicle deployment with leading pipeline construction company Pe Ben USA.

    Pe Ben, which specializes in stockpiling and stringing large-diameter line pipe, signed on with Lytx to gain a clearer picture of driver behaviors around collisions. The company will use that information to protect its fleet and drivers both retroactively against claims, and proactively by coaching drivers toward safer long-term driving behaviors and habits.

    “After several false claims incidents in the past few years, we knew we had to implement a video telematics system that would help us understand more clearly what was going on in our fleet,” said Todd Martin, director of safety at Pe Ben. “We reached out to others in the pipeline logistics industry to get a sense of the technologies our competitors were using, and every safety manager I talked to said the same thing: ‘Now that we’ve implemented Lytx, I don’t know how we ever ran a fleet without it.’”

    Lytx Tells a Truer Story

    Martin explains that with such large cargo on their trailers, Pe Ben drivers often experience incidents with other vehicles trying to pass and running into over-hanging pipe. These collisions can lead to expensive claims. Pe Ben needed a video telematics solution that would provide an objective account of what happened during each and every incident – and the ability to review and pull that video immediately, rather than having to submit a claim to access historical video like most other providers require. Lytx provides access to up to 100 hours of continual video which clients can easily locate, clip and download themselves.  Martin and his team can now quickly access video of incidents to see what really happened and resolve situations faster.

    “As of today, we have 154 Lytx event recorders installed in our fleet,” Martin said. “We now see 154 opportunities that tell a truer story about how our drivers are doing. Our team is confident that the Lytx platform will allow us to better understand our drivers and, with that understanding, better protect our team and create a safer fleet in the long-term.”

    From Reactive to Proactive Support

    After speaking with other Lytx clients, the Pe Ben team quickly learned the system not only provides video evidence to help exonerate innocent drivers, but also reveals risky behaviors the fleet could focus on to improve long-term performance.

    The Lytx Driver Safety Program stands out in the industry not only for its video and analytic capabilities, but also for its ease of use. Combining machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) with professional review and behavior tagging, the program delivers prescriptive and customized coaching insights to fleet managers. Lytx leverages MV+AI, motion and engine control module (ECM) sensors, as well as human validation to present a superior and accurate view of risk, with greater than 95% accuracy across more than 60 risky driving behaviors.

    “With Lytx, we’re working with the industry leader in using advanced technology to expose risk to us, but they also filter out the noise and help us focus on what’s most important,” Martin said.

    Challenging Truckloads Meet Risky Roadways

    Hauling oversized truckloads, Pe Ben drivers must be extra vigilant on the road. On top of their bulky cargo, drivers are also covering more extreme terrain than traditional long-haul trucking fleets. Drivers operate on a project basis, so they may spend months at a time transporting pipe down roads that are often in remote locations and require highly technical driving skills.

    Because Lytx is compatible with third-party camera systems, Pe Ben has been able to install left- and right-side cameras that synchronize with Lytx’s system.  This additional visual power is essential to protecting the fleet by providing a 360-degree view around the vehicle. Lytx customizability in this area provided the final piece of evidence that Pe Ben would be safer and stronger with a division-wide deployment.

    “From long highways across Texas to narrow mountain roads in Virginia, we pride ourselves on providing safe and efficient pipe transport no matter the terrain,” said Blake Culp, vice president of equipment operations at Pe Ben. “With so many challenges inherent to the industry, we want to implement every possible safety benefit. Our peers praised the Lytx Driver Safety Program for its dependability and the wide range of challenges it can help address. We’re excited to implement this coaching program focused on protecting our drivers, our cargo and others on the road.”

    About Pe Ben
    Pe Ben USA’s roots can be traced back to 1957 as leaders in servicing the oilfields of Western Canada. Since then, we have been involved in the planning, offloading, stockpiling, and stringing of pipeline projects with varying terrains and challenges all over the United States. We have developed high-quality equipment and implemented new safety standards, keeping us at the forefront of the pipeline industry. Our procedures, team of experts and experience allow us to efficiently complete every job, no matter what. We believe our customers should receive more than the bare minimum—they deserve the best. Pe Ben USA’s highly trained administrative team and field supervisors are always ready for a challenge. Indeed, this team has seen and conquered some of the most extreme conditions possible. Our steady stream of successes stem from a commitment to using top quality equipment and focused personnel to get the job done safely, expediently, and efficiently.

    About Lytx
    Lytx® is a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, safety and productivity solutions for commercial, public sector and field services fleets. Our unrivaled Driver Safety Program, powered by our best-in-class DriveCam® Event Recorder, is proven to help save lives and reduce risk. We harness the power of video to help clients see what happened in the past, manage their operations more efficiently in the present and improve driver behavior to change the future. Our customizable services and programs span driver safety, risk detection, fleet tracking, compliance and fuel management. Using the world’s largest driving database of its kind, along with proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, we help protect and connect thousands of fleets and more than millions of drivers worldwide. For more information on Lytx telematics system, visit, @lytx on Twitter, LinkedIn, our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

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