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    How to Monitor Your KIs

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    Lytx VEDR Safety Program

    Use the Program Status Report to monitor your Key Indicators (KIs) for VEDR program compliance

    The Program Status Report provides metrics on your compliance with the VEDR program. This includes Unassigned Drivers, Overdue for Check-Ins, Overdue for Coaching, and Coaching Effectiveness.

    Navigate to the Program Status Report

    1. Log in to your Lytx Account.
    2. On the top menu, select Driver Safety.
    3. On the left menu, select Insights.
    4. Select Program Status Report.Lytx FedEx KPIs

    Use the report as your dashboard for VEDR compliance

    Use the Program Status Report any time to monitor your scores, access open tasks, and view details.

    Each score is a calculation of recorded events and your actions, such as assigning and coaching drivers. When you complete any open tasks, your scores may not update immediately, but they are refreshed at least once a day.

    Lytx FedEx KPIsUnder Unassigned Drivers and Overdue for Coaching, select a score and it will take you directly to the open tasks.

    Under Coaching Effectiveness, select a score and it will take you to the Coaches Report, where you can review data on each coach.

    Under Overdue for Check-in, if you see any scores, go to the Device Health Report for more details on connectivity issues, and take action to correct those issues.

    Check your monthly KI scores in the report

    To check whether you meet the VEDR requirements for the month:

    1. On the last day of the month, navigate to the Program Status Report.
    2. In the group filter at the top, make sure the highest level of your organization is selected. It should not be a group or a subgroup. If you are unsure, select Reset.
    3. The Total row shows your monthly KI scores.Lytx FedEx KPIs

    As a reminder, the VEDR requirements are:

    • Unassigned Drivers – 15% or lower
    • Overdue for Check-in – 10% or lower
    • Overdue for Coaching – 20% or lower
    • Coaching Effectiveness – 60% or higher

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