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    Integrate with Impact e-Learning, Powered by CarriersEdge for Automated Driver Trainings

    Impact e-Learning, a division of Kelly Anderson Group powered by CarriersEdge, can integrate with your Lytx® data to send automatic driver trainings based on Lytx driving behavior data. This feature allows Admins, Regional Managers, and Managers to create rules that will automatically assign training based on the driver behaviors supplied by your Lytx DriveCam® data.

    Once you get started, here’s how you can set up your Impact Final Mile e-learnings, by:

    Behavior: Shows available driver behaviors based on your Lytx data. Select the behavior you want to assign training to.

    # of Events: The number of times (anywhere from 1–10) the event needs to be reported before training is assigned.

    In Time Period: The time span in which the number of events needs to occur for training to be assigned (per Week, Month, Quarter, or Year).

    Program Assigned: Displays all Programs available in your account. Select the program you wish to have assigned based on the behavior.

    How to get started:

    1. Impact Solutions clients first enroll in the monthly e-Learning service, which is powered by CarriersEdge.

    2. Request the integration from Impact e-Learning, contact: You will then be sent the “Client Authorization for Third Party Access” document from Lytx to complete. Return form to: This document will be countersigned by CarriersEdge/Impact Solutions and submitted to to start the integration.

    3. Lytx, Impact e-Learning, and CarriersEdge coordinate the set-up on your behalf. The behaviors, the number of events, and Programs are already set up in the integration (standard for VEDR clients).

    4. Once the integration is completed, if an event occurs within the “Lytx Terminology” column, the integration between Lytx and CarrierEdge automatically assigns the modules in support of the behavior that created the event.

    Lytx-VEDR-Driver-Focused-KI-Table-terminology-(2).pngBonus tip: Impact Solutions also offers initial driver certification that your corporate office requires for both Linehaul and Pickup & Delivery Service Providers.

    With new driver behavior-based Key Indicators (KIs), this integration is a quick and easy way for you to automatically stay on top of correcting risky driving behavior that will affect your KIs. For more information on CarriersEdge and the Impact Final Mile e-learning program, contact or 417.658.4379.

    Impact e-Learning is a service of Kelly Anderson Group, which is not affiliated with Lytx, Inc. and thus Lytx, Inc. bears no responsibility for that service.  All product and company names are trademarks or registered marks of their respective holders.  Use of them does not imply any affiliation or endorsement by them.