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    Lytx Full-Access User Onboarding Checklist

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    Welcome to Lytx®

    We are glad you are here and we are committed to helping you achieve VEDR compliance. As a Full Access user in the Lytx Account, you have many responsibilities, and we are here to help you get started. Bookmark this page on your browser or your phone for a quick reference guide that you can use to complete your onboarding and answering commonly asked questions.

    Many resources listed here are also available in the Lytx Support Center. To access the Support Center, log in to your Lytx Account with your username and password.

    If you need help logging in, contact our Support team at or (866) 910-0403.

    Below is a quick checklist of important resources that will help achieve VEDR compliance. It is recommended you review all the resources below when onboarding as a new Full Access Lytx user.

    Get to know the VEDR Program Key Indicators (KIs)

    Learn how the Lytx Driver Safety Program can help you meet VEDR program requirements

    Achieve compliance for KI: overdue for unassigned drivers

    Achieve compliance for KI: overdue for check-in

    Achieve compliance for KI: overdue for coaching

    To stay compliant with the Overdue for Coaching KI, complete coaching tasks within eight days. Coaching your drivers in a timely manner also helps them practice safe driving habits and reduces risks for your business.

    Achieve compliance for KI: coaching effectiveness

    Your coaching is effective when drivers repeat the same behaviors less frequently over time. The less the drivers repeat behaviors, the higher your score.

    Stay on top of your program with reports

    Find help and resources

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