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    Detect and Prevent Risky Driving with Lytx

    The road is unpredictable.

    When it comes to your fleet it’s easy to hope for the best, but it’s hard to feel protected.

    Every day, companies like yours rely on Lytx to help detect and prevent risky driving.

    Our award-winning technology proactively alerts drivers, helping them self-correct in real time. It puts the power of self-improvement in their hands, encouraging drivers to elevate their performance through self-review, without the need for manager intervention.

    Real-time alerts and check-in tools help drivers improve on their own, while giving management the data-driven reports they need to monitor progress.

    It all starts with our DriveCam Event Recorder. Industrial-grade hardware integrates sophisticated technologies in a single device. Automatic software updates help ensure your DriveCam Event Recorder is always ready with the most current risk detection features.

    Your DriveCam Event Recorder is always ready with the latest risk detection features.

    Lytx technology has been helping companies like yours exonerate drivers and expose fraudulent claims for over 20 years.

    In the face of the unpredictable, a trusted provider helps your drivers remain efficient and safe on the road.

    Join the thousands of companies that count on Lytx to help connect and protect their fleets. Schedule a demo with Lytx today. 

    Lytx customers: contact your account representative to learn more.