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    Lytx - The Future Starts Now

    Every day, billions of new journeys begin. Stop-by-stop, block-by-block, mile by mile. Driving a never-ending cycle of global commerce keeping our families and communities alive. A momentum that touches every aspect of our daily lives.

    Every journey providing our food, our fuel, and life-saving medicines. Collecting our trash, getting our children to school and patients to the hospital. Connecting utilities, delivering packages, building houses.

    Our entire way of life depends on movement—people, goods and services in a constant state of motion. The scale of it all is just astounding.

    Image what would happen if it all stopped moving.

    Lytx keeps the world in motion with the power of our data and experience. Helping increase the safety, visibility, and efficiency of every journey. Our technology, data, and video lets you see more, know more, and do more. The scale and accuracy of our data are unrivaled. More than 500,000 connected vehicles. 50 billion unique driving data points captured every day. 100 billion miles of driving data.

    What if you could learn from those miles and help your drivers and employees make better decisions faster? What if machine vision and artificial intelligence could power next-generation insights for every moment and every mile?

    Lytx filters out the noise and information clutter and identifies real-time risk so you can focus on what matters most—keeping your drivers safer and your business booming. We’re not slowing down, because neither are you.

    We’ve never been more ready for what’s ahead. The future starts now.

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