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    NFI Industries Delivers an Efficient, Safe Fleet Using Lytx Video Telematics

    NFI Industries' Vice President of Safety and Loss Control Lee Robledo discusses how video technology helps his fleet provide safe and efficient delivery to their clients. Lee tells us how video telematics played a crucial role in protecting both his drivers and his customers' products. His interview is documented below:

    "We’ve embraced video here at NFI now for going on about 5 years. It’s all about being safer on the roadways. You know, protecting our customers' freight. Because at the end of the day, we’re here to provide a safe and efficient delivery of their product.

    The video technology (provided by Lytx) helps to be efficient in ways we didn’t think were possible. From a security standpoint, we can see where we may have a breach in our security process and gives us a 360-degree view.

    We had an issue that involved theft and we were able to go back to the video and it helped us construct a timeline of where it was loaded and we identified when it went missing. Now you have concrete proof that you can talk to your customer about - or talk to authorities about to determine what really happened at an incident.

    Because of some of the tools that Lytx has given us, we’ve been able to monitor it from the beginning to the end. We couldn’t imagine doing business without the tools that we have received using Lytx."