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    The Lytx Fleet Tracking Service Explained

    Your field professionals are your connection to your customers and should represent your brand in the best way possible—both on the job and on the road. That’s why Lytx offers the Lytx Fleet Tracking Service—enhanced with video. It’s a powerful solution that can help you keep your fleet efficient, on task, and safe at every turn.

    Lytx gives you real-time vehicle status and access to continually recorded video—all with the option to add our industry-leading Driver Safety Program. With the Lytx Fleet Tracking Service, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and get the most out of your team. Thanks to important details on hand, you can respond faster, complete more jobs, and improve customer satisfaction.

    Want to know where your drivers and technicians are? Or when you can expect them to arrive? Track your vehicles in real time. Up-to-the-moment information will help you keep employees on schedule, enforce policy compliance, and monitor unauthorized vehicle use.

    Need to see more of what’s happening in the field? Access video on-demand, anywhere you’re connected—in minutes.

    Our search feature makes it easy to find the footage you need. You can even check video from any vehicle on the map by clicking on its GPS trail point.

    With Lytx, you’ll have leading-edge GPS tracking PLUS the power of video for instant insight into your fleet operations. So you can manage your team and protect your reputation—without the guesswork.

    Ready to get started with fleet tracking? Schedule a demo.