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    Webinar: What Construction Companies Need to Know When Selecting On-Road Video Telematics

    The video safety telematics applications contractors use for their on-road vehicles are about more than video imagery. Today's sophisticated video telematics can turn video into data that can drive decisions, reduce risk, and reduce spend on fuel, insurance premiums, claims costs, and vehicle maintenance. But how can contractors vet potential vendors to ensure they are getting the full power of a modern solution?

    For Construction Pros, in partnership with Lytx, take a deep dive with industry experts to give you the questions to ask, the topics to probe, and the methods you can use to maximize your return on a video telematics investment.

    In this seminar, you will learn how to leverage video telematics tools to:

    • • Reduce cost
    • • Measurably improve productivity and streamline processes
    • • Holistically identify and reduce risk
    • • Automate administration of internal and regulatory reporting
    • • Maximize your ROI