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    4 Dash Cam Videos That Show the Dangers of Distracted Driving

    There are countless distractions on and off the road. Many drivers may not be aware of how dangerous each one can be. That’s why more and more companies are using dash cams to help capture, identify, and address distracted driving. Check out the video clips below to see the dangers that can result from just one moment of distracted driving.

    Dash cam video #1: using a handheld device (texting)


    Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous types of distraction, making this safety issue a top priority for fleet managers. In fact, texting can increase collision risk by 23 times. This 12-second clip captured by the accelerometer in a Lytx DriveCam® Event Recorder highlights an incredibly common scenario that’s also a perfect example of why texting is so dangerous. The commercial driver (on the right) is texting while traveling around 27 MPH on a residential street. On the left screen, the red truck ahead puts on a turn signal and begins to brake. Thankfully, the commercial driver glances up and brakes at the last second to avoid a collision, but it was an unnerving near miss.

    Footage like this can be incredibly helpful when educating your organization on the benefits of in-cab cameras. Video can highlight risky behaviors in general, not just collisions.

    Learn more about solutions to texting and driving.

    Dash cam video #2: checking cell phone


    Distracted driving includes much more than texting. Recent data has found that the risk of collision increases by 7 times when simply reaching for a device while driving, which is demonstrated in this short clip from a dashboard camera system. After passing through a green light in an intersection, the driver picks up his cell phone and is distracted by checking its notifications. The driver doesn’t notice the passenger van ahead is stopped and unfortunately isn’t able to avoid a collision, rear-ending the vehicle at about 31 MPH.

    Dash cam video #3: eating and smoking


    Analyzing data from thousands of DriveCam Event Recorders, Lytx reports that multi-tasking increases risk of collision by 100 percent. In fact, drivers who engage in one distracting behavior (texting, eating, drinking, etc.) are more likely to juggle other risky behaviors at the same time. This dash cam clip shows just that scenario. The driver is multi-tasking, eating and smoking, as he travels through a freeway underpass and doesn’t see that the white passenger vehicle ahead has stopped. With no time to make a safe maneuver, the commercial driver collides with the stopped vehicle.

    Dash cam video #4: using a handheld device


    Here’s another example of the dangers of using a handheld device while driving. Traveling about 38 MPH down a three-lane highway, the dash cam video recorder shows both the commercial driver and passenger texting (or surfing the web, using a mobile app, or engaging in another activity) on their cell phones. Successfully distracted, neither notices the rapidly reducing distance between their van and the silver passenger car ahead. The driver looks up (again at the last second) and swerves to avoid impacting the passenger car.

    Dash cam videos provide clear examples of what can unfold in a matter of seconds when a driver is distracted. Clips like these give your fleet invaluable information on how to improve driver behaviors on the road. To learn more about how DriveCam Event Recorders and Lytx video telematics solutions can help your fleet eliminate distracted driving, book a demo.