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We’ve helped thousands of fleets at companies of all sizes reduce risk and increase safety. Our team works with you to understand your needs and recommend solutions that are tailored to your industry, your fleet size, and your goals.

1. Consider your fleet management goals and requirements

Coming into the process with clear goals and requirements will help us focus on the right ways to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to improve driver safety, track vehicles, improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, or maintain compliance, we can tailor our solutions to help you reach your goals.

Review our vendor checklist to understand key features you should consider when looking for a video telematics provider. 

2. Review our solutions

Lytx offers customisable solutions for all of your fleet management needs, whether you’d like to use video to help protect your company in case of a claim, improve driver safety, or track vehicles with GPS. Learn more about our solutions and consider which ones would best meet your needs.

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3. Book a custom demo

Our team will create a customised demo based on your biggest challenges, fleet and company size, and industry. We’ll show you how it works, answer your questions, and plan for next steps.

After your demo, we will create and share a solutions proposal that includes custom pricing and your financing options.

4. Transform your fleet

Lytx customers have experienced tremendous gains in safety, operational efficiency, customer service, and compliance while reducing fleet management, claims, and fuel costs. Our experienced customer support team is dedicated to your success at every stage, ensuring a smooth rollout, robust reporting and insights, and strong progress toward your business goals.

Read through our Rollout Roadmap to become familiar with our proven best practices to ensure a smooth rollout of your Lytx solutions.

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