All-in-one Fleet Technology

How an all-in-one fleet management solution can help you save time, money, and energy

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Too many technologies, not enough time to manage them.

Does that problem sound familiar? Most fleet managers use more than one type of technology in their day-to-day. And while each technology has its purpose, each also comes with its own set of hardware, systems, interfaces, and features. Maintaining (not to mention learning) the various platforms needed to run a fleet is time consuming and can be a lot to juggle.

Technology overload isn’t just an issue in the fleet management field. Marketers, accountants, and professionals in all industries are urgently seeking a way to simplify and do more with fewer resources. And we certainly experience this overload in our personal lives. Laptops, phones, watches, TVs, and even home networks like security and temperature systems need to be synced, or they will take too much time and effort to manage independently. 

The fix we’re all looking for is a convergent, all-in-one solution.

The fix we’re all looking for is a convergent, all-in-one solution. Technology convergence simply means combining multiple solutions into one, in order to do more with less. 

Convergence can mean one device, or one system that syncs multiple devices. The most common types of converged “all-in-one” solutions are:

  • All-in-one device: One device that does multiple tasks for you
  • All-in-one system: One system that routes information easily through various devices, hardware, and/or vendors
  • All-in-one vendor: One company that helps your devices and systems talk to each other

For fleet managers, convergence is defined as an all-in-one fleet technology solution that connects all the puzzle pieces of your operations to provide a single, clear view of your fleet.

Top benefits of all-in-one fleet technology

Some fleet managers have strong processes to manage their disparate technologies, but those processes still can’t compete with the power of all-in-one fleet technology. Here are the top reasons to use an all-in-one solution:

vehicle management

Reduce administrative busy work.


  • Spend less time managing multiple subscriptions and communicating with multiple vendors

  • Streamline daily workflows for drivers and fleet managers

  • Focus your time on more things that matter for your fleet’s success

  • Only receive the data that matters most to you


Optimize efficiency with clear information about what’s happening in the field.


  • Provide accurate and fast service verifications and updates

  • Improve vehicle maintenance processes and decrease vehicle downtime 

  • Complete more calls, deliveries, or jobs

Ensure peace of mind by using fewer vendors and systems.


  • Consolidate hardware, software, and systems

  • Leverage API integrations

  • Eliminate the need to remember multiple logins or constantly switch between apps


Connect all the dots with data on your drivers, vehicles, and services.


  • Access vehicle video, risk insights, fleet tracking, driver safety, reports, and more in one system

  • Pull video or GPS details into your own dispatch and job management systems

  • View driver behavior and vehicle assignment data alongside your asset management or other fleet management tools

  • Improve policy compliance and audit responses


Improve your decision-making using up-to-date, centralized data.


  • Get actionable insights from a single dashboard

  • Clearly understand where risk and inefficiencies exist

  • Make informed decisions to help improve productivity, customer service, safety, or other fleet goals


Get the highest quality at the best price.


  • Pay fewer subscriptions

  • Maintain less hardware

  • Increase your competitive edge using innovative technology that grows with your needs

How do fleet managers know if they need all-in-one fleet technology?

While convergence is an end goal for most fleet managers, it may not currently be an urgent priority. But it should be. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How many technologies do I use on a daily or weekly basis?
  • How much time do I spend on administrative work for all my fleet technologies?
  • Do my current fleet technologies integrate with each other?
  • Can I use one technology for all of my safety, compliance, vehicle maintenance, and fleet management needs?
  • Do I have gaps in data that impact the business?
  • How much money does my fleet spend on all its technologies?

After answering these questions, the next step is to outline your fleet technology needs, priorities, and budget. As you do this, start thinking about areas where you need to streamline fleet management. What would be different if you could integrate all your systems into one?

After identifying what you’re currently working with versus what you need, vendors like Lytx® can guide you on selecting a customized all-in-one fleet technology solution.

All-in-one is different for every fleet

By providing a variety of best-in-class, video-based telematics and compliance services, and partnering with other vendors, we’ve created several options to help our clients choose an ideal all-in-one solution.


“I want to use one vendor for GPS, maintenance reminders, video, and driver safety.” - Rachel C. Owner at 123 Pest Control


Solution: Lytx Fleet Tracking Service + Lytx Driver Safety Program


 “I want to integrate my video telematics solution with my driver dispatch software.” - Dan F. , Transportation Manager at ABC Distribution


Solution: Lytx Driver Safety Program + Integration with Mcleod Software


“I want to integrate my driver safety solution with my company’s proprietary driver management software” - Phil J., Risk and Compliance Manager at Alphabet Trucking Company


Solution: Lytx Driver Safety Program + open APIs

Lytx can help you build your all-in-one solution

Lytx offers a variety of solutions spanning video, driver safety, fleet tracking, DOT compliance management, and maintenance.

The Lytx Fleet Tracking Service

  • Fleet tracking map that includes video and telematics details along drivers’ routes, as well as search functionality for video by address, point of interest, or time frame
  • Automated preventative maintenance notifications to help you stay on top of critical maintenance servicing that save you money down the road

  • Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) provide a real-time view of vehicle diagnostics, fuel, odometer, tire pressure, speed, and more to quickly identify and resolve maintenance issues.

  • Insights on idle time, fuel consumption, miles driven, geofence triggers, and more.

Lytx Driver Safety Solutions

  • Customizable coaching tools that range from empowering your drivers to self-correct (self-coaching) to implementing an organization-wide driver safety program with coaching workflows

  • Customizable video options, from live streaming to Risk ID Without Recording

  • Award-winning MV+AI to help deter and detect risky driving in real-time

  • Advanced reports with actionable insights

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

  • A single platform to track driver hours-of-service (HOS) alongside your driver safety, GPS fleet tracking, and other fleet management solutions
  • An intuitive driver app to help drivers track hours and complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) on the road

DOT Compliance Services

  • Consolidated, user-friendly resource for auditing all required DOT documents

  • Driver Qualification File (DQF) management (including Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse)

  • Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) data management with the ability to drill down to the driver level

  • DVIRs both electronic and paper, are consolidated into a single platform for easy identification of inaccurate or missing data, while increasing compliance.

The Lytx Integration Network

The Lytx Integration Network offers a multitude of solutions for fleets of all types and sizes. From tracking, dispatching, and scheduling, to maintenance, safety, and risk management, the Lytx Integration Network helps fleets operate at top performance.

Dedicated to creating the all-in-one system that works for you

Lytx understands how hard it is to juggle multiple technologies at once. That’s why we have dedicated people, time, and money to help simplify technology management for fleet managers, whether they’re in charge of 5 or 500,000 vehicles.

Start building your ideal all-in-one fleet management solution with Lytx today.