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    Lytx® Recognizes Outstanding Drivers and Coaches with Annual ‘Driver of the Year’ and ‘Coach of the Year’ Awards

    SAN DIEGO February 28, 2018 

    Lytx, the global leader in video telematics, today announced the recipients of its 2018 “Driver of the Year” and “Coach of the Year” awards, recognizing an elite group of professional drivers and coaches currently using the Lytx DriveCam® program. This year’s recipients demonstrate how safety practices can lead to real results, saving both money and lives. The awards were presented last night at the 6th annual Lytx User Group Conference in San Diego.

    This year’s winners include two drivers new to the industry who have discovered newfound passions for trucking in their second careers, as well as a transportation professional for the U.S. Marine Corps who supports various prestigious military units, including the “President’s Own” United States Marine Band.

    Lytx provides safety services for professional fleets of all sizes, holding the belief that video-based, data-driven training is the best way to create safe and efficient driving behaviors. Having catalogued and analyzed more than 80 billion miles’ worth of driving data to date – more than any other company in the world – Lytx has unparalleled expertise when it comes to identifying the best professional drivers and coaches.

    “Rewarding and celebrating successful drivers and coaches who have prioritized safety is an important part of the DriveCam program,” said Del Lisk, Lytx vice president of safety services. “Lytx’s ultimate goal is to create safer roads for all who use them, and drivers who share in this aspiration are essential for us to enact true change. We’re proud to recognize these professionals who have gone above and beyond to build a culture of safety and respect within the communities they serve.”

    Lytx recognized winners of the Driver of the Year award from DriveCam users across six commercial driving categories: Government; Services and Utilities; Transit/Motor Coach; For-Hire Trucking; Private Trucking; and Waste.


    First Place Winner – Sergeant Quemaine O. Tolar of the United States Marine Corps, Marine Barracks Washington has provided transportation support to more than 1,200 military and civilian personnel in the three years he’s been in his current role, with no driving incidents in more than a year. His lifelong love of motor vehicles drew him to this current career. Tolar says great drivers must believe they can always perform better than their last mission and that it’s necessary to recognize your own flaws in order to seek meaningful improvement.
    Second Place – Michael Williams of the City of Tyler Solid Waste
    Third Place – Adam Lopez of the City and County of Denver

    Services and Utilities

    First Place Winner – Martin Hamilton of Murphy-Hoffman Company has been the recipient of his company’s annual Safe Driving Award each year since he started work in the company’s fleet three years ago. Hamilton had zero collisions or moving violations throughout that period. Despite only recently entering the trucking industry after 33 years in journalism, Hamilton has been able to adjust to the challenges that working in northern Colorado presents, including unexpected wildlife and inclement weather, by respecting the responsibility he has to keep himself and fellow drivers on the road safe. Hamilton is known for his kind demeanor and professionalism.
    Second Place – Anthony Robinson of BNSF Railway Company
    Third Place – Michael DelVecchio of National Grid

    Transit/Motor Coach

    First Place Winner – William Brubaker of Greyhound Lines, Inc. has been working with the company out of Orlando for 36 years. In that time, Brubaker earned Greyhound’s annual safety award for the last 34 years. In the five years since the fleet implemented DriveCam, he avoided all driving events, despite logging over 100,000 miles in 2017 alone. Brubaker believes that training is key to developing subconscious reactions, which are essential to react appropriately to dangerous situations on the road.
    Second Place – Richard Pritchett of MV Transportation, Inc.
    Third Place – Willard Harris of Vonlane

    For-Hire Trucking

    First Place Winner – Wanda “Denise” Ponds of TransAm Trucking made the switch to a career in trucking in 2014 prior to spending 15 years working in a hospital setting. Since joining TransAm three years ago, Ponds has completed each and every optional safety and ethics course offered by her company to further her knowledge and skills. After each triggered event, she works closely with her coach to find a solution and never makes the same mistake twice. In 2017, Ponds achieved a spotless record with no coachable events, no accidents, and no late loads. She attributes her successful career to safety habits already established during her previous career in healthcare and to her unrelenting commitment to personal growth.
    Second Place – Mark Strange of Long Haul Trucking, Inc.
    Third Place –
        John Mesic of Swift Transportation Company
        Albert Adams of Melton Truck Lines

    Private Trucking

    First Place Winner – Jack Weig of LafargeHolcim Ltd. has won his company’s internal safe driving award 37 times, once for every year he’s been with the company. Throughout his career at Lafarge, he has not logged a single at-fault accident, despite driving more than three million miles for the company. Weig believes in acting as a courteous and professional ambassador for his company’s brand, on and off the road. He takes personal ownership over his role at the company, his customers’ overall satisfaction, and the equipment he operates.
    Second Place – Dan Kowar of Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution LLC
    Third Place – Steve Hebdon of US Foods Inc.


    First Place Winner – Eduardo “Eddie” Gutierrez-Salazar of Waste Connections has been working with the company in Denver for 23 years and is completely committed to serving his customers, having taken only one sick day throughout his entire tenure. He’s known for maintaining an impeccable driving record, with no incidents or injuries throughout his entire career, and for his infectiously positive attitude – both of which won him Waste Connections’ Central Region Driver of the Year award in 2017.
    Second Place – George Blofeld of Waste Management, Inc.
    Third Place – Bobby Southerland of Waste Industries USA, Inc.

    At yesterday’s ceremony, Lytx also recognized Mark Barnett of TransWood Carriers, Inc., as the 2018 Coach of the Year. Barnett led the implementation of DriveCam into TransWood’s Tulsa-based fleet three years ago with the financial goals of lowering liability costs and workers’ compensation claims due to collisions. More personally, Barnett wanted to maintain his commitment to keeping his drivers safe. Since implementing the DriveCam program, liability costs have dropped 88 percent, and there have been no collision-related workers’ compensation claims at Barnett’s terminal. In the past year, TransWood’s fleet has had a 70 percent reduction in all preventable accidents. Barnett believes a key factor in his terminal’s safety success is its culture of openness and honesty. He shares all results with his team, rewarding drivers who demonstrate defensive driving skills when faced with difficult situations and providing in-depth training based around video examples to help his drivers improve. Barnett notes that to be an effective coach you need to prioritize safety consistently and often, recognizing that behaviors won’t change overnight and training is a continuous process.

    In addition to being selected the overall winner as 2018 Coach of the Year, Barnett was also the First Place Winner in the For-Hire Trucking Category. Other First Place Winners within their respective categories this year were:

    • Government: Johnny Garcia of the City of Corpus Christi
    • Services and Utilities: Tyler Morris of ARS/Rescue Rooter
    • Transit/Motor Coach: Marvin Wilkins of Keolis Transit America, Inc.
    • Private Trucking: Rafeal McDowell of Martin Brower
    • Waste: Steve Miller of Waste Management, Inc.

    “Coaches are the keystones of driver safety programs,” Lisk said. “Their commitment to safety, dedication to drivers, and overall professionalism are critical to the success of drivers and to the safety of our roads.”

    Lytx’s safety programs combine video-based coaching with predictive analytics to help companies protect more than 850,000 drivers worldwide. Our programs are proven to change driver behavior, saving clients time, money, and, most importantly, lives.

    About Lytx

    At Lytx® we harness the power of video to transform fleets with improved safety, efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Our flagship service, the Lytx DriveCam® video safety program, sets the standard for driver safety in the industries we serve. Lytx Video ServicesSM delivers a highly configurable user interface to provide fleet managers unparalleled visibility into their fleet operations, both in the moment and up to a week later. RAIR® Compliance Services helps DOT-regulated fleets comply with safety regulations, complementing the DriveCam® program. Lytx ActiveVision® service helps fleets detect and address distracted and drowsy driving, both in real time and over time, and additional services offer virtually limitless solutions for fleets and field operations of any profile. We protect more than 3,000 commercial and government fleet clients worldwide who drive billions of miles each year. We enable our clients to realize significant ROI by lowering operating and insurance costs, while achieving greater efficiency and compliance. Most of all, we strive to help save lives – on our roads and in our communities, every day. Lytx is privately held and headquartered in San Diego. For more information, visit, @lytx on Twitter, or our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

    Lytx® Recognizes Outstanding Drivers and Coaches