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We deliver the results fleets need.

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Up to 50% reduction in collision frequency


Up to 80% reduction in claims costs


Over 650,000 drivers protected worldwide

Master Your Fleet - Efficiently

GPS Fleet Tracking

Lytx Fleet Tracking works to track the status of every vehicle in your fleet, 24/7. With visibility to arrival, idle, and departure times, you can make fast decisions that can improve your fleet’s productivity. Best of all, it works with the Lytx DriveCam® event recorder, so you won’t need to buy extra equipment, cables, or software.



Our Goal is Simple: Saving Lives

DriveCam® safety programs combine video-based coaching with predictive analytics to help you take action before a collision happens. Our programs are proven to change driver behavior and deliver rapid ROI, saving you time, money—and most importantly, lives.
When you invest in your drivers, you’ll be rewarded with sustained changes that can help lower your fleet’s risk, and improve productivity.

Lytx DriveCam Enterprise

Or most comprehensive program for improving driver behavior and dramatically reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use.


  • Manage every driver in your fleet
  • For any size fleet; unlimited depot locations
  • Extensive program support and quarterly reviews

Lytx DriveCam Protect

Streamlined safety program optimized for lean fleet operations with fewer than 350 vehicles and low insurance deductibles.


  • Protect 100% / Coach 20%
  • Optimal for <350 vehicles; up to three locations
  • Optional training available

Program Enhancements

Elevate Your Fleet’s Operations with Our Program Enhancements

Fuel Reporting

Identify the root cause of fuel inefficiency.

ADAS Fleet Management

Unlock the full potential of ADAS.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Get a real-time view of your fleet’s operations.

ActiveVision Service

Detect distracted and drowsy driving.

Speed Management

Identify and coach drivers who speed.

Comprehensive Compliance Services that Evolve as Your Needs Do

RAIR® compliance services offer a single, online compliance management solution for all DOT-regulated fleets. With a careful focus on each CSA BASIC, RAIR services can help you quickly identify, prioritize, and address your fleet’s safety and compliance issues.

RAIRCompliance Services

DVIR Management

Audit paper and electronic DVIRs and identify inaccurate and missing data.

Hours of Service Management

Audit 100% of paper and electronic driver logs with one streamlined system.

CSA Data Analysis

Improve CSA scores by pinpointing causes of CSA BASIC violations and coaching drivers.

Audit Driver Qualification Files

Audit of DOT-required documentation, plus automated reminders for items coming due.

When You Succeed, So Do We

Lytx® safety and compliance programs protect more than 2,200 clients and half a million drivers globally.


Revolutionize Your Business through Our Fleet Management Solutions and Services

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs of collisions, claims, insurance, fuel use, vehicle maintenance, and repairs to improve your bottom line.

Fleet Risk Management

Keep your brand and company safe with insights that help you reduce risk, improve compliance, and exonerate innocent drivers.

Optimize Productivity

Maximize driver and vehicle performance to increase efficiency and service, optimize productivity, and get the most value possible from your fleet.

Improve Driver Performance

Identify unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors in your fleet, coach drivers to improve, reduce risk, and increase driver retention.

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Find out what we’re doing in the world of driver performance and fleet safety.


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