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    Continual driver behavior reporting

    Get a holistic view of persistent risk.

    Fleet driver behavior data and monitoring

    As part of our comprehensive safety solutions, Lytx® Continual Behavior Reporting saves you time and energy by giving you visibility into recurring behaviors and the amount of time they consume during your drivers’ day. By giving fleet managers the ability to their riskiest drivers, Lytx can help fleets achieve maximum, sustained results with minimal time and effort. 

    distracted driver

    Increase visibility with machine vision and artificial intelligence

    Lytx Continual Behavior Reporting uses machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) to track and quantify both the duration and percentage of time a driver was engaged in a risky driving behavior to provide a more holistic view of persistent risk. This increased visibility helps fleet managers and business owners address these risky behaviors:

    • Cell phone use
    • Proper seat belt usage
    • Inattentive driving
    • Driver eating or drinking
    • Driver smoking
    interface of continual behavior reporting

    Understand the persistent risk

    When an unwanted driving behavior is identified, the Lytx DriveCam® Event Recorder tracks how long it occurs. A driver report will detail both the number of minutes and the percentage of drive time of the continual behavior occurred. Duration is the amount of time a  behavior was identified. Percentage of Drive Time is the percentage of total active drive time a behavior was identified. This data is then delivered to you, along with additional risk measures recorded, where you can sort by minutes or percentage of time to provide a more holistic and actionable view of the ongoing risk in your fleet. 

    reviewing dash cam footage with Lytx

    Using context for better coaching

    A short video clip captured while driving provides a sampling of behavior, but tracking continual behaviors can reveal extended durations of risky behavior.  This continual recording can provide additional context to help guide coaching conversations with your drivers as well as prioritize your action for your riskiest drivers. Continual Behavior Reporting captures coachable driver metrics, giving coaches a detailed summary of identified risky behavior. Additional insight, if needed, is available by accessing in-cab alert frequency as well as video footage.