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    Our Story

    Redefining safety on our roadways with innovation backed by experience

    Our mission

    We believe that video enriches everything. We empower optimal fleet visibility and operations through the power of video telematics.

    Improving safety on our roadways

    Our passion for safety and saving lives drives incredible results.

    More than 2.1 million drivers protected worldwide
    Our clients saw 625,000 fewer instances of risky driving in 2018+
    221 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data

    We've worked with companies across multiple industries.

    A.D. Transport Express

    A.D. Transport Express cuts claims costs and helps protect and retain drivers with Lytx

    • 450+ drivers
    • 2015 became a Lytx customer
    • 470 tractor trailer trucks
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Reduce Costs

    Annett goes the extra mile to ensure passenger safety

    • 84% reduction in cellular phone use while driving
    • 61% fewer traffic violations
    • 58% reduction in event severity
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Cargo Transporters

    Cargo Transporters reduces fraudulent claims costs with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • 83% decrease in near collisions
    • 76% reduction in traffic violations
    • 33% drop in unbelted drivers
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    Concho Valley Transit District

    Concho Valley Transit District's transformational turnaround

    • 58% decrease in collision frequency
    • 62% reduction in traffic violations
    • 26% improvement in response rate
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Doughnut Peddler

    Doughnut Peddler uses MV+AI and Lytx solutions to manage growth and reduce risk

    • 70% reduction in risking driving behaviors
    • 50% reduction in minor vehicle accidents
    • 65% coaching effectiveness rates
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    Ensign Bus

    Ensign Bus significantly reduces collisions and near misses

    • 33% reduction in collisions
    • 76% reduction in near collisions
    • 67% reduction in observed risky driving behavior
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    JBS Carriers

    JBS Carriers Helps Drivers Increase Awareness and Reduce Unsafe Habits with Lytx

    • 80% overall improvement in traffic violations
    • 61% improvement in following distance
    • 88% improvement in driver seat belt usage
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    NFI Industries

    NFI Industries reduces collision frequency by more than 50% with Lytx

    • 51% decrease in collision frequency
    • 68% decrease in unbelted drivers
    • 2,800 drivers managed and protected
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Reduce Costs

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    More than 25 years of innovation

    From monumental product launches to technological breakthroughs, here’s a look in the rearview mirror at our history.

    DriveCam, Inc. is founded

    Surpassed 100 billion miles of driving data analyzed

    Introduced the first vehicle camera to record crashes

    Acquired Surfsight® product line to expand distribution channels globally

    Developed a camera with both road-facing and driver-facing lens

    Launched groundbreaking new AI-powered features

    Launched software to enable review and scoring of driving video

    Launched Lytx Driver App, Driver ID, and Risk ID without Recording

    Introduced the driver coaching model

    Launched ELD solution for U.S. fleets

    Launched online program management platform

    Introduced asset tracking service to complement fleet management solutions

    Changed the company’s name to Lytx, Inc.

    Introduced Lytx Lab, enabling clients to give feedback on potential new features in the Lytx platform

    Launched first camera equipped with machine vision and artificial intelligence

    Launched electronic DVIR service

    Launched continual video coverage and optional extra cameras

    Celebrates 25th anniversary, reaches 221 billion miles of driving data, and launches Lytx Vision™ Platform