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    Lytx Announces Name Change for its Compliance Services Offerings and Support for ELD Mandate

    • RAIR Compliance Services is now Lytx Compliance Services
    • Solution helps fleets meet all DOT compliance needs through a single vendor, including the ELD mandate going into effect Dec. 16, 2019

    SAN DIEGO — Dec. 12, 2019 — Lytx®, a leading global provider of machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics solutions for commercial, public sector and field services fleets, today announced the renaming of its RAIR® Compliance Services offering to Lytx® Compliance Services.

    This shift reflects the company’s broader commitment and expertise in providing the all-in-one innovations needed to continue shaping the future of video telematics through solutions that span driver safety, fleet tracking and an industry-leading suite of web-based safety and regulatory compliance offerings.

    “As a one-stop video telematics leader with an unparalleled blend of services and cutting-edge technologies, Lytx’s benefits expand far beyond video,” said David Thawley, Lytx’s EVP and GM for mid-market, small and Lytx Compliance Services. “Lytx provides its customers with versatile and converged solutions for all of their fleet safety, operational efficiency and compliance management needs. It’s what separates us from the competition.”

    ELD Mandate

    In addition to streamlining documentation management, Lytx Compliance Services help fleets comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, which goes into effect Dec. 16, 2019.

    What is Lytx Compliance Services?

    Founded in 2001 and acquired by Lytx in 2011, RAIR (now Lytx Compliance Services) is designed for fleets regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in need of an efficient way to manage ELD data, driver qualification files and Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores. Through this offering, Lytx provides compliance services to more than half of the top 100 for-hire carriers in the U.S., with 10 million logs audited every month. It’s the largest log auditor in the industry and the first company to provide an integrated solution that consolidates paper logs, time records and ELD data.

    Because Lytx Compliance Services offers information such as hours-of-service (HOS) logs, driver qualification file auditing, vehicle inspection reporting, vehicle files, and CSA scores analysis in a single dashboard, clients can efficiently identify risk and compile compliance reports. The solution integrates with more than 20 different industry-leading ELD providers and aggregates data to help safety managers – who are often inundated with data and email alerts – easily identify risks and trends by drivers and locations across their fleet.

    The solution also consumes data from fuel vendors, roadside inspections and many other sources to allow carriers to match 100% of their supporting documents, ensuring they’re able to provide the up to eight supporting documents per driver, per day mandated by FMCSA.

    It’s a “game changer”

    In a recent survey of clients currently using Lytx Compliance Services, the majority said the service has helped them make managing ELD data and compliance easier, save time and money as well as reduce HOS violations. Its ability to proactively spot risks has provided additional value to clients, making it a perfect complement to the Lytx Driver Safety Program.

    Lee Robledo, vice president of safety and loss control at NFI Industries, described the service as “a game changer which has continued to improve as the landscape of regulations has changed.” He continued: “Companies would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t at least pilot the program in their fleet to understand the safety benefits it could bring to their operation.”

    The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across Lytx in the coming months. Clients who use Lytx Compliance Services will continue to have access to the services they depend on to keep their employees and assets safe and compliant.

    About Lytx
    Lytx® is a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, safety, and productivity solutions for commercial, public sector and field services fleets. Our unrivaled Driver Safety Program, powered by our best-in-class DriveCam® Event Recorder, is proven to help save lives and reduce risk. We harness the power of video to help clients see what happened in the past, manage their operations more efficiently in the present, and improve driver behavior to change the future. Our customizable services and programs span driver safety, risk detection, fleet tracking, compliance, and fuel management. Using the world’s largest driving database of its kind, along with proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, we help protect and connect thousands of fleets and more than one million drivers worldwide. For more information, visit, @lytx on Twitter, LinkedIn, our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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