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    Lytx Offers Industry’s First Unassigned Drive Time Service

    -- Time-saving service simplifies the burden of managing unassigned vehicle movements, reducing labor costs and risk of fines

    -- New offering adds to Lytx’s portfolio of all-in-one fleet solutions, with solutions and services to address a variety of fleet needs

    SAN DIEGO — Jan. 21, 2021— Lytx®, a leading provider of machine vision- and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics, analytics, safety, compliance, and productivity solutions for commercial, public sector, and field service fleets, today released Lytx Unassigned Drive Time, a first-of-its-kind service designed to save fleets time, reduce labor costs, and improve regulatory compliance. The offering, available within Lytx Compliance Services, helps fleets easily identify, reconcile, and manage unassigned drive time through automatic reporting, driver assignments, and notifications, adding to Lytx portfolio of all-in-one fleet solutions.

    Lytx Unassigned Drive Time simplifies the burden of managing unassigned vehicle movements in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, which states that any time a vehicle moves, a carrier must assign the time to the correct driver or note why a driver-to-vehicle assignment was not possible. Vehicle mileage and/or drive time that is not assigned to a driver, labeled “Unassigned Driving Time,” have been challenging for fleets to reconcile on their own and, if unaddressed, put carriers at risk for substantial fines.

    “Managing these unassigned events is an added responsibility for both carriers and drivers, and one that cannot be ignored, as was the case prior to the ELD mandate,” said Lytx’s Senior Director of Compliance Services, Rick Walters. “We’ve seen a variety of our clients, across industries and fleet sizes, struggle to manage and reconcile their unassigned drive time. In an effort to offer solutions for all fleet needs, we developed the Lytx Unassigned Drive Time Service to save these fleets countless hours and help them free up in-house resources that can be redirected toward more complex, higher-value tasks, while reducing their exposure to risk, litigation outcomes and impacted safety ratings.”

    With Lytx Unassigned Drive Time, Lytx accesses a fleet’s ELD data to run the unassigned driving time report and uses that information to determine a probable driver. An assignment notification is sent to the driver to accept; a decline triggers a notification to a manager for further investigation. An automatic report is generated and sent daily, which helps keep fleet managers informed and compliant.

    NFI Industries Saves Two Hours a Day Per Fleet Manager with Lytx Unassigned Drive Time

    NFI Industries, a fully integrated North American supply chain solutions provider with more than 4,200 drivers, deployed Lytx for its compliance needs in 2004 and has grown alongside the company over the last decade and a half. The company was looking for a solution to handle unassigned driver time at its various freight terminals across the country. Many times, the company’s fleet managers did not know if it was a driver or “spotter” at the terminal moving a truck or payload around between trailer pick-ups and drops, and there was a massive backlog that needed to be assigned.

    Lee Robledo
    Lee Robledo, vice president of safety compliance

    “Anytime Lytx comes out with a new service, we jump at the opportunity to see how we can use it to improve compliance,” stated Julie Jones, director of safety compliance, NFI Industries.

    “We immediately saw improved efficiencies with Lytx Unassigned Drive Time,” added Lee Robledo, vice president of safety compliance, regulatory and investigations, NFI Industries. “And now our managers save roughly two hours per day by not having to spend time investigating unassigned events and associating them with the appropriate drivers. It’s been invaluable.”

    Staying on top of unassigned drive time and other compliance requirements has helped reduce the risk of regulatory fines and litigation exposure. With NFI’s full deployment of Lytx Compliance Service’s proactive alerts, detailed reporting, and automated workflows, NFI has saved valuable time and is able to monitor potential violations in real time.

    “This has allowed us to address red flags, such as an HOS violation, immediately and proactively, giving us the chance to correct the violation,” Robledo noted. “And if we were to be audited, having Lytx Compliance Services in place gives us greater credibility with the auditor, as it shows we have systems in place to help us stay within compliance.”

    About Lytx
    Lytx is a leading provider of machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics, analytics, safety, compliance, and productivity solutions for commercial, public sector, and field service fleets. Our solutions harness the power of video to empower drivers and fleets to be safer and more efficient, productive and profitable so they can thrive in today’s competitive environment. Our customizable services and programs span driver safety, risk detection, fleet tracking, compliance, and fuel management. Using the world’s largest driving database of its kind, along with proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, we help protect and connect thousands of fleets and more than 1.3 million drivers worldwide. For more information on Lytx telematics systems, visit,, @lytx on Twitter, LinkedIn, our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

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