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    Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence: The Lytx Difference

    Lytx technology is engineered for fleets to solve specific problems. Learn how Lytx technology and human intelligence work together to help bring back moments that matter.


    Not all machine vision and artificial intelligence are created equal. So how do you tell which solution is best?

    We know what it takes for these technologies to accurately surface patterns and identify risk.

    Now we’ll see how Lytx proactively detects risky driving with high precision to serve up opportunities for coaching that inform without overwhelming.

    At Lytx, we combine video telematics with machine vision, artificial intelligence, and driving data to help solve our industry’s most critical problems, like distracted driving.

    We tap into over 100 billion miles of driving data that we’ve collected over the years.

    But why is this so important? And why should you care?

    Because high–quality, validated data is the best way to train custom artificial intelligence to deliver the most accurate results.

    What sets our data apart? For starters, our unmatched volume of high-quality data gives us a more complete view of true risk.

    Then there’s variety… Diverse information helps separate anomalies from confirmed patterns across a wide range of driving scenarios.

    Another key element is the velocity—the speed at which we capture data.

    Collecting lots of data quickly helps us update and improve our artificial intelligence technology, so it’s always learning, refining, and getting better.

    But all this input doesn’t matter if it’s delivering useless information. And that’s why our professional analysts work 24/7 to meticulously label high volumes of data. 

    What does this mean for your fleet? Value. Lytx cuts through the noise to deliver moments that represent true risk throughout your driver’s day.

    This lets you focus on coachable moments that actually matter—and make a difference…Keeping your drivers and fleet protected and your business running smoothly.