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    Top Ten 2022 Lytx Innovations

    In 2022, Lytx continued to innovate with the release of enhancements, new products, and features for our customers. From new devices to requested experiments in Lytx Lab, we strive to help managers and drivers do their jobs safely, efficiently, and profitably. Here are the top ten product releases of 2022 that can help power your fleet in 2023 and beyond!

    1.   Lytx SF500 video safety offering with Daimler Truck North America (DTNA)

    Lytx DriveCam® SF500 system can now be pre-installed as an option in the Detroit Assurance camera box, allowing more windshield visibility and limiting vehicle downtime. This new OEM integration is available on select Daimler Truck North America Freightliner Cascadia and Western Star (47X, 49X, and 57X) models. Learn more.

    2.   Parked – Highway/Ramp

    After successful Lytx Lab testing, the Parked-Highway/Ramp feature moved to the Safety Suite, providing an additional risk identification trigger and behavior. Using idle data, GPS information, and geospatial analysis, the feature identifies vehicles parked on highway shoulders or ramps for ten minutes or more. Once identified, a short video clip (typically 12 seconds) is sent to your Lytx Account under “FYI Notify” within minutes for review*. Learn more.

    3.   Lytx DVIR Service

    The newly added DVIR Service helps fleets manage driver vehicle inspection reports. DVIR solutions are an important component of any maintenance program and can identify existing (and potential) issues with a vehicle. Required documentation for commercial vehicles is also needed to meet government DVIR mandates. For vehicles that do not fall under the mandate and need a full ELD (electronic logging device) solution, this add-on service requires a Lytx fleet or safety solution.

    Adding Lytx DVIR Service provides a simplified digital option that includes a customizable checklist, accessible through the Lytx Driver App on the driver’s phone and your Lytx Account. Track areas of concern with a custom checklist, such as service brakes for a vehicle or trailer, and send issue reports directly to a mechanic or fleet manager. Learn more.

    4.   Lytx Asset Tracking Service

    Nearly $1 billion of large machinery is lost or stolen in the United States each year. Lytx Asset Tracking Service utilizes powered asset trackers to display the location of powered assets on a map with a nimble, easy-to-install system. Lytx’s new GPS asset tracker helps construction fleet managers maintain an inventory, receive alerts when their equipment has entered or exited a defined area (geofence), and see how often and where your assets are being used. Subscribers of Fleet Tracking and Asset Tracking can now see vehicles and assets together in one view. Learn more.

    5.   Lytx ELD Service

    Efficiently manage and record hours of service (HOS) status and complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) electronically (for light-duty vehicles). With the DriveCam® event recorder as the powerhouse, the Lytx ELD Service streamlines and automates your compliance processes with customizable reporting. Driver onboarding is easy with the Lytx Driver App downloaded to drivers’ existing phones, reducing the learning curve. Learn more.

    6.   Lytx Fleet Tracking Service: Maintenance

    New preventative maintenance capabilities help fleet managers keep their fleets up and running by preventing costly unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure. You can now more easily plan routine maintenance across your fleet with additional flexibility for determining service intervals. Plan maintenance by the calendar, by the odometer, by engine hours, or any combination of these. An intuitive display shows upcoming and overdue maintenance by vehicle or group, and offers fast access to service history.

    Expanded diagnostic trouble code (DTC) coverage includes both light and heavy-duty vehicles. Fleet managers can receive a notification when a DTC is surfaced, so they can quickly fix the problem before it becomes more expensive and potentially dangerous. These added benefits require a two-way ECM cable. Learn more.

    7.   Lytx Lab experiments

    Lytx Lab is an experimental environment and idea incubator– a way for Lytx to work directly with our customers to address market needs. Lytx Lab allows for ad hoc experimentation and collaboration between development and product teams to rapidly create and test new products with customers. We want to hear from our customers in the Lytx Lab so we can provide you with the features that matter to you the most. ¹

    Lytx Lab: Map

    Manage your fleet operations with an interactive unified map to access road hazards, weather, traffic, and more. You can enable/disable layers and overlap different layers for enriched insights to help you make better decisions. Learn more.

    Lytx Lab: Beta coaching effectiveness score

    The Coaching Effectiveness score helps gauge managers' performance in coaching their drivers. The score is built on the premise that if drivers are coached effectively on a specific behavior, they should be less likely to repeat that behavior.

    The score compares the number of behaviors a manager has coached within the past 7/30/60 days with the number of behaviors their drivers have repeated.

    Coaching Effectiveness is calculated at both the coach and group levels. Each coach's score includes all drivers they've coached in the 7/30/60-day period. Each group's score includes all coaches in the group. Learn more.

    8.   Lytx Installation Application

    The Lytx Installation Application is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tool that simplifies, standardizes, and speeds up Lytx DriveCam® SF-Series Event Recorder installations.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Supported on any browser and optimized for mobile devices
    • Automatic synchronization to your Lytx Account
    • Automatic VIN and serial number capture and sync using your mobile camera to help reduce installation hours and ensure accuracy
    • No manual entry helps minimize input errors
    • Preview road and inside views accessible via mobile devices
    • Installation verification inputs like ignition, device connection, and vehicle engine data
    • Tools and support by your side. Lytx Installation Application provides training, tools, and resources to support qualified technicians

    All of these features help you check your installations' status in seconds. Getting started is simple—during your setup process, your Lytx project manager will provide you with your Installation Application login credentials. Learn more.

    9.   System status page

    Immediately know when a Lytx system is down by subscribing to Lytx system operational status notifications. You can also find this page inside the Support Center on the “System Status” tab. Subscribe here.

    10. Lytx Intelligence Portal: Behavior benchmark

    Using the Lytx Intelligence portal, the Benchmark Behavior Report² showcases the most common coachable behaviors of your company in the past three months. The report also breaks down behavior trends by trigger types and gives insight into industry trends with the following data:

    • Behaviors per 1,000 vehicles per month, trended over 3 months
    • Behaviors by trigger type
    • Your fleet’s most prevalent coachable behavior count
    • Most prevalent industry behaviors by percentage of total behaviors

    Lytx Intelligence portal access is only available to users with the Driver Safety Program with one of the four user roles below at Level 0 or 1 in the company hierarchy:

    • Full Access
    • Safety Manager
    • Coach
    • Safety Read Only

    Log in with your Lytx Account username and password.

    Learn more about these and other 2022 releases in the Support Center.


    *Subject to available cellular network coverage.

    ¹ Lytx Lab experiments are included as a service to our customers. Lytx Lab features are experimental in nature and are provided for informational purposes only. Access to Lytx Lab is made available to users at no charge as part of their service; however, some experimental features may require a subscription to specific Lytx products in order to provide the intended insights. Lytx Lab features may be added, altered, or removed without notice.

    ² Reporting data and trends may vary based on available program data.